Improved cookstoves manufacturers urged to embrace new standard, labelling scheme

Improved cookstoves manufacturers urged to embrace new standard, labelling scheme

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The energy commission (EC) has urged manafactures and importers of improved cookstoves to take Advantage of the new standard and labelling scheme to increase their market share and value.

The energy commission said new scheme gave a competitives advantage and distinguished improved biomass cookstoves from the traditional one like the Coal pots ,three–stone–fire and tyre rim fire wood cookstoves

This was said during a Regional Awareness creation event organized by the commission on new standards and labelling scheme for improved biomass stoves, L 2454.

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Improved biomass cookstoves are that meet the minimum performance requirements for thermal efficiency, safety emissions as stipulated in the L 2454 Renewable Energy (standard and labelling) improved biomass cookstoves Regulations,2022.

Specifically, lt has a safety core of 85, a thermal efficiency of more than 35 percent for cookstoves that use canonised fuel like carcoal and 25percent for the ones that use uncarbonated fuels like wood and pallets.

An improved cookstoves has two types of performance labels which are the standard label ; one that meet the basic minimum performance requirements for efficiency and safety and emissions performance level that has a five–star rating for emission (pm2.5).

Speaking in an interview with cross news, Mr, Frederick Ken. Appiah, Deputy director, Renewable Energy commission,

Energy commission, said cookstoves that met the standard and labelling scheme increased consumer confidence and market performance.

He said the regulations cover a spectrum of actors , with a focus if the products did not meet the minimum thermal efficiency then they could not be imported into the country.

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