How you can find a lost phone even if it’s turned off

How you can find a lost phone even if it’s turned off

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How you can find a lost phone even if it’s turned off

If you’ve ever lost your phone, you know how unnerving it can be. Our phones are a necessity these days: They contain our appointments, our family members’ contact information, all our images and more. Plus, it’s not that easy to reach out for help when your phone, which connects you to the world, has gone missing.

For Android and iPhones that are lost when turned on, there are tools you can tap into that can quickly pinpoint their location. But what do you do if your phone runs out of juice or was turned off when it disappeared? Your options are unfortunately limited, but you may at least be able to find its last known location.

We know how frustrating it can be to be separated from your phone and hope these steps help you to reconnect quickly.

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How To Locate A Lost iPhone
The quickest way to find where your iPhone might be hiding, even if it’s no longer on, is to access the Find My iPhone tool on Sign into your iCloud account through your tablet, laptop or a friend’s phone and tap “All Devices.” Select your phone and a map will display the exact place your phone was pinpointed before it was shut off.

What To Do If You’ve Lost An Android Phone

Android phones offer the Android Device Manager. Go to Find My Device online and sign in with the Google account that’s connected to your phone. If you happen to have multiple phones, select the lost phone option in the menu. You should be able to see the last location you were at when it was turned off.

Either way, remember to sign out of the Apple or Google website if you’re borrowing a friend’s device.

Don’t Forget to Lock Your Phone
Make sure to lock your phone so others can’t use it; this can also be done remotely. For iPhones, you’ll want to use the Find My iPhone feature and use “Lost Mode” to send a message to anyone who might encounter your phone. For Androids, Find My Device and the “Secure Device” option should do the same thing.

Unfortunately, if you turn your phone off at home and then lose it sometime later in the day, there’s no reliable way to track it. You might need to hunt it down the old-fashioned way — by retracing your steps. Good luck!

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