12 shocking laws in North Korea….. Law number 5 is laughable

12 shocking laws in North Korea….. Law number 5 is laughable

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12 Shocking Laws in North Korea

1. Insulting Kim and his family is blasphemy

North must swear loyalty to Kim Jong-Un and his family. Violations are considered severely punishable blasphemy and can even lead to the death penalty. This rule applies to citizens and tourists alike.

2. Nightly power cuts, can’t own microwave

North Koreans face power cuts every night due to the energy crisis. They need permission to use electricity. Owning a microwave is also illegal.

3. Three-generation punishment

If anyone in North Korea commits a crime, not only he/she will be punished but also his/her parents, grandparents and children will be penalised too.

4. Foreign songs and movies not allowed

Watching or listening to foreign movies and songs is completely against the law.

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A person can be sent to jail for this. In 2015, President Kim ordered officials to destroy all cassette tapes and CDs to contain dissent.

5. Only government-approved Haircuts

In 2013, Kim introduced a law where both men and women can only do one of 28 government-approved haircuts, 18 for women, and 10 for men; while other haircuts are prohibited. He did not include his own haircut, to keep it unique.

6. Students to pay for their own desks and chairs

Parents must pay for their wards’ desks and chairs in the class as it is not covered by the school fees.

7. Own basketball rules and calendars

North Korea changed basketball rules. A slam dunk is worth 3 points and not 2 and if you miss 3 shots, a point is deducted.

The country follows a different calendar called the “Juche calendar,” which begins on April 15, 1912, the birth date of their revolutionary leader Kim Il Sung.

8. Need permission to live in the capital

Kim only wants successful and wealthy people to live in the national capital. If you want to live there, you need to have permission.

9. Bible is banned

North Korea considers the ‘Bible’ a symbol of Western culture and hence it is banned in the country. In 2014, a Christian woman was executed for distributing the holy book of Christians.

10. No iPhones or laptops

No iPhones or any other electronic items are allowed. Brands like Apple are banned. The citizens know very little about electronics and technology due to the government’s isolationist policies.

11. Making an International call is a crime

Wanting to call someone while you are in North Korea is completely against the rules. A person can be punished for the same.

In 2007, a factory worker was executed in front of 150,000 people for making international calls,

12. Not allowed to leave the country

As per the rules in North Korea, no one can leave the country without permission.

If anyone crosses the border without official documents, severe punishment will follow, or they will be shot dead by the guards.

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