Man allegedly tortured by landguards

Man allegedly tortured by landguards

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Landguards have allegedly tortured and nearly k!lled a man in Ada Songor.

The residents in the area have alleged that the landguards are members from the Electrochem Company mining salt in Ada Songor.

They are reporting that, they have turned the community into a danger zone, causing mayhem to the indigenous people on the salt belts.

The residents say they are now leaving in fears on their own soil, Ada Songor because the landguards are terrorizing them.

They accused the company of taken over their water pumps for their mining.

Meanwhile, Ada Songor Association has also said they will not go to rest in making sure that they get their properties seized by the company and end the insecurity in their community.

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Ada Songor lagoon association are peace loving citizens and do not want to create any unnecessary tension between the association and the Electrochem Company.

The association has therefore appealed to government to intervene immediately to avert possible clash between the youths and the company’s security.

They have also challenged EPA and Minerals Commission to provide legal document backing the work of the company.

Also, the aggrieved association members have cautioned politicians to stay away from Ada Songor lands.

They made allegation that, a man identified as Kisseh Wormenor (a.k.a Red I Don’t Care) has been tortured and was nearly k!lled by landguards and some security officers.

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