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I saw All These People in Hell, No.2 on The List Is Shocking- Ex Freemason Member(PHOTOS)


I saw All These People in Hell, No.2 on The List Is Shocking- Ex Freemason Member(PHOTOS)

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A freemason associate but now in Christ has narrated his ordeal in Hell and the sort of people her met there. He indicated how he had committed lots of sin till he felt severe heart pain on a certain day.

He was afraid to leave his wealth because he was married and had no children. He never believed in God but at that moment, he had faith in Him and asked for mercy from Him so he could come out of the occult group in which he was.

From nowhere, he felt that he was losing his breath and a light descended from the sky. It was an angel of God. The angel said, “God heard your request for mercy and your promise to drop the occult. Come with me.”

They moved till they reached a black gate with a phrase written: “Welcome to hell.” He shivered because he did not know that place existed.

He only thought it only existed in Greek and Hebrew mythology. He never imagined that there was an eternal place known as hell.

When the gate of hell opened, a steam went in his direction. He continued ‘the unbearable heat almost melted me. I believe the angel did not allow any harm to happen to me. His presence prevented the effects of the heat from afflicting me.’

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It was time for him to be shown freemasons and others who had ended up in hell. The first person he saw in hell was Albert Pike. He was one of the famous Satanists who also went from Freemasonry.

Also, he saw Noriyuki Pat Morita being plagued by demons

and also the actor James Avery who suffered in torment. The demons crushed them and plucked their skins.

He also saw actor Patrick Sweis also in great torment. The fire consumed him and the demons tortured him. He saw many rock singers too. Even in Hell, Bassist Paul Gray played his instrument and his fingers popped. The flesh of his body fell as he played continuously.

The same thing happened with guitarist Gary Moore who goes through the same sufferings. What a terrible situation these singers and players have found themselves in.

He saw singer Joey Ramone singing until his vocal cords burst. He no longer had a voice just a whistle coming out of his mouth. This process will be so forever.

He narrated that ‘I went to another section and saw the demons holding meetings about politics. They wanted to put in power to govern the politician who made a pact with them. The demons use rich and powerful men of the world to control all their plans.’

He continued ‘these men of great political influence obey the orders of these demons. You who are Christians and wish to enter politics, do not do this, the demons are in power. Demons have used politicians to legalize abortion, gay marriage, drug release, and other aberrations. Everything in hell is planned in meetings to destroy mankind.’

He further narrated that although the Bible says that God instituted governmental authorities and that the powers of these rulers were given by God to govern the people, many have used their God-given powers and influences to work for darkness and oppress the people.

“If the Russians arrive at our borders, it will be World War III”


He continued ‘God has given authority to politicians but they are the ones who choose whether to use for good or for evil. Many sell themselves to the devil through covenants. Satan is the prince of this world and gives his kingdom to whomever he wills, for the world lies by the evil one.’

In his quest for freedom, he found it in Jesus Christ. In his desire to be powerful, masonry lured him into the dark. Now that he is out of the cult, he urges everyone to ensure to have a very personal relationship with Jesus Christ because He has the Power to cast us into Hell or receive us into His Kingdom.













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