Avoid these 6 things that bring demons into your life


Avoid these 6 things that bring demons into your life

“If the Russians arrive at our borders, it will be World War III”

Demons are supernatural spirits working to satisfy their master. Lucifer is the supreme leader of all the demonic spirits hovering on this planet.

According to the holy bible, after the failed coup in heaven, Lucifer organised all the demons into an army to fight against the will of God on earth.(2 Corinthians 4:4)

Humanity is the main target of these wandering spirits. But one secret is that, every demon needs a legal right in order to invade a person’s life.

There are some six (6) common things that give demons access into your life. If you avoid these things no demon can come closer to your territory.

Don’t be like the doubting Thomas who wanted to see the crucified palms of Jesus Christ before believing his resurrection.

Spiritual things are difficult to understand with the physical mind without the gift of discerning of spirit. I entreat all believers to fast and pray to receive power and spiritual gifts to understand some of these hidden knowledge.

You might have read the entire bible but if you have never cast a demon and never involved in deliverance ministry, how would you know the behaviour and secrets of these demons?

There are people living with legion of demons dwelling inside their body. That is why it is advisable to avoid things that give these powerful entities access into your life. Let’s set the ball rolling.

The Only Sin That God Never Forgives According to Bible

(1) Fornication.

Fornication is having sex outside marriage. The bible is very clear on this matter that those who involve themselves in fornication shall never enter the kingdom of heaven. There are several demons who specialise in filling the minds of people with sexual lust and uncontrolled sexual attitude. If you succumb to the enticement of these demons by having sex outside marriage, you give them a legal right to come into your life. To avoid this, just work hard and marry. Be content with your wife and that’s all.

(2) Spiritism.

Spiritism is the practice of invoking spirits to perform some work for us. People invoke spirits for blessings and prosperity. Others use them to curse their enemies who wrong them. Drunkards pour libation by invoking these spirits even before sipping these alcohol in the glass. If you involve yourself in these practices, you are given these demons an unlimited access and legal right into your life to control you. To avoid this, learn how to pray to God Almighty for all your needs and desist from seeking help from spirits.

(3) Smoking and Acoholism.

There is a demon known as “Tabar”. This powerful demon controls people who cannot live without drinking and smoking for even one day.This demon force people to develop addiction for smoking and drinking. If something pushes you to drink and smoke all the time, then know that a demonic spirit is probably luring you into that practice. Pray about it and avoid drinking and smoking. They give demons unlimited access into your life.

(4) Ancestral covenants.

Another thing that can easily give demons access into your life is through demonic covenants that was sealed by our forefathers several years even before we were born. For instance, some parents went for protection for their children and these spirits will continue to have a link with the future generation of that lineage several years when the parents are dead and gone. You can see these spirits in your dreams. Seek deliverance from a powerful minister of God and never seek protection from spirits for your children. It will fight against their unborn children in future.

(5) Keeping a demonic item in your house.

Another way by which demons can gain entry into your life is through possessing a demonic item in your house. Some items may directly belong to spirits and bringing these items into your house means bringing these demons into your home. For example a ring may belong to a particular spirit. But understand that it is not every ring that may contain demons. When you buy a ring, before using it praying over it or better still let a powerful man of God pray over it for you.

(6) Avoid watching indecent films.

To prevent demons from getting access into your life, avoid watching sexually explicit content and other indecent movies with your naked eyes. Many demons are usually attach to these indecent items.

These are some 6 things ghat can give demons unlimited access into your life. If you avoid them, you are free.

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