“If the Russians arrive at our borders, it will be World War III”


“If the Russians arrive at our borders, it will be World War III”

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine still causes so much fear around the world, including in the small universe of the NBA. A European player also fears an offensive by Vladimir Putin against his country!

The attention of the whole world is focused on this region of the globe, and for good reason. The ongoing battles on Ukrainian territory are terrorizing the rest of the globe, while the shadow of a new planetary conflict grows ever more imposing. The NBA is no exception to this phenomenon, and its players react in turn to this sad news.

The two Ukrainians present in the league, Alex Len and Svi Mykhailiuk, obviously took the lead in initiating a movement of condemnation. This continues through the initiatives of other players, especially in recent hours. The Pelicans, at the request of Jonas Valanciunas, for example, sported yellow socks to show their support for the people of Kiev. But not only.

Davis Bertans worried about the fate of his Latvia

As a whole, it is the European players who are the most affected by the Russian offensive. An observation that is altogether logical given their origins, and their concern about the consequences of this nascent war. In an interview with Mark Medina and NBA.comthe Latvian Davis Bertans spoke in particular about the situation in which his family finds itself, which he cares about in the face of the unpredictable nature of Vladimir Putin!

Right now everyone is pretty quiet. But if the Russians arrive at our borders, it will be the 3rd World War. I don’t think anyone wants that to happen, especially them. In this sense, the situation looks rather harmless. But you never know what Putin may think. Looks like he’s been up against the wall for the past few days. So no one knows what he is ready to do or what he is capable of.

Faced with the tense situation in Ukraine, Bertans and his relatives who remained in Latvia had to consider plans in the event of an invasion of the country, which borders Russia. A scenario that they obviously do not want to see become reality, but to which they have been forced to prepare.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. But you never know what he (Putin) is going to do. If Russia wants to invade Europe, then the Baltic states will be the first targets. We have to stay ready.

In this context, it is difficult for the shooter to practice his game without ulterior motives. The timing also has nothing to help him, he who recently landed in Dallas, and where he must now prove himself to earn his place in the rotation of the Mavericks!

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