5 reasons why some men lose interest in Ladies after sleeping with them

5 reasons why some men lose interest in Ladies after sleeping with them

So many ladies complain that a guy who showed them so much love and care suddenly left them after being intimate with them. There are specific reasons why these things happen. Here are some of them.

1) He never loved you: Unlike women, men are very logical creatures. If a man’s heart is not with a woman, no matter what she does to please him, he will always leave her for a woman he loves. Men think not only with their hearts, but with their heads, so their decisions are rarely influenced by emotions.

2) He got what he wanted. If a man asked you out just because of your figure and beauty, once he understands that, he sees no reason to waste his time with you but to let you go.

3) You are materialistic. When a man discovers that he can easily use money to woo you, he will do whatever it takes to spend that money on you. He might not even mind borrowing something to please you. However, once he sleeps with you, that will be the end of the relationship.

4) He doesn’t want to commit himself. Many men are afraid to spend their lives with a woman. They love to explore and once they’ve slept with you, that fear returns.

5) He is a player. Once a man is a cheater, he will have a hard time staying faithful to a woman. He will take pleasure in dating different girls and leaving them for any other woman he can get. Such a man considers meeting many ladies an achievement. So sleeping with you is just part of his exploration.

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