Guys, Here Are 11 things women want men to do with them

Guys, Here Are 11 things women want men to do with them

Men frequently have a way of going about their business that makes it appear as though they don’t care. Women, on the other hand, have this presence that they have created that offers assistance and ensures peace.

It simply makes sense to reciprocate the kind of presence they provide for women since that is exactly what they desire in return.

Consequently, here are 11 things that women would like males to do with them:

1. Congratulate them when they congratulate you in a non-sexual way.

2. Maintain a cool demeanor when speaking with them.

3. Be willing to utter her name and hug them even if they are among friends, just as she does the same for them.

4. Walk alongside them while holding their hands.

5. To place them at the top of your list of priorities.

6. To check in on them even when they don’t call because they have a reputation for calling often.

7. Use sweet language and call her names since she does the same when you are in a good mood as well as when you are not.

8. To collaborate with them on your day’s schedule.

9. Help them to regulate their mood fluctuations by providing emotional support.

10. Making arrangements and going on dates with them to the mall or to attend a movie are recommended.

11. Try this with your wife or girlfriend and see how it goes.

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