Woman turns cripple after snatching someone’s husband in Kumasi

Woman turns cripple after snatching someone’s husband in Kumasi



Abrafi, a lady from Kumasi, is in danger of losing her life after snatching someone’s spouse.

According to Abrafi, she accepted the proposal since Bra Kwabena was a divorcee.

“Brother Kwabena proposed to me. He told me; he has divorced his wife so he wants to marry me. I accepted”. Abrafi narrated on Oyerepa Afutuo with Aunty Naa.

She said Akua advised her to keep away from her husband, but Abrafi refused.

“I was there with Bra Kwabena when his wife came to my house and told me she is his wife so I should stay away from him. I told her (Akua) that I’m 5 months pregnant. She was angry to hear that so she cursed me with ‘Antoa’ and I also cursed her”. Abrafi told Anuty Naa, host of the show.

She further lamented that sister Akua came back to her house and took away her panties.

“Sister Akua came to my house again, took my panties away, I chased her but she managed to escape”.

Since her opponent (Akua) cursed her, she’s a cripple, she said on the television.

“I felt pains in my legs, after Akua’s curse, now I can’t walk. I believe the curse is working so I am pleading with her to forgive me because I am dying.” Abrafi pleaded in tears.

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