McBrown Clears Air On Childbirth And Pregnancy Rumours

McBrown Clears Air On Childbirth And Pregnancy Rumours


Actress cum TV personality, Nana Ama McBrown , has answered some questions and assumptions circulating on social media about her.

For some time now, many people, blogs and news websites have shared that the multitalented actress had given birth in Canada to a set of twins.

In a YouTube video shared on May 16, 2022, Nana Ama has debunked all the speculations saying some people are trying to make fun of her.

“People are keeping you guys in suspense, and I don’t like it. It’s good news to say Nana Ama is pregnant or has given birth not to talk of twins which is beautiful. The truth and the reason why I am doing this video is that my loved ones are happy for me and people are lying to you.

“They are happy for me somehow, but a lot of people are lying to you, and this is what I will say to you: ‘don’t believe anything you see on social media, do not believe anything you see on social media’” she emphasised.

According to Nana Ama, she was never pregnant nor has she given birth to twins while adding that she has one child, and that baby is Baby Maxin whom she is grateful to God for.

“I want to say that the latest news I have heard about myself, that when I hear makes me happy and I have heard and have been called and read all the fake news about me being pregnant again or me giving birth to twins.

“Whoah, that would have been so lovely. I have not given birth and my only child and my blessed baby that I am always grateful to God for is, your baby, your lovely one, baby Maxin,” she added.

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