GHANA: Fulani Herdsmen Mourn Slaughtered Members, Calls For Justice(CONTACTS)

GHANA: Fulani Herdsmen Mourn Slaughtered Members, Calls For Justice(CONTACTS)

Led by the leadership of the Tabital Pulakuu International, General Secretary of the Association Mr Musah Barry has called on the offices of the president and his vice, IGP, the National Security , first and second ladies of the land to help bring the perpetrators to book.

Speaking at ceremony, Zakoli said, Dearly beloved gathered here I would like to welcome you all to today’s program.

I would have wished that we had met on a joyous occasion but instead we’ve gathered here to mourn are dearly departed brothers, sisters, daughters, sons and loved ones.

We are grateful to all who have come from far and wide to sympathize with us.

Fulanis, our people have been in the Gold Coast and now Ghana since the sixteenth century. Our Ancestors arrived here peacefully and lived in peace with other tribes all this while.

We have been law abiding, respecting both traditional authority and that of the Government. Within the Kingdom of the Dagombas and the Country as a whole, the Fulanis were the second tribe to enter the jurisdiction after the Wangara who arrived in 1456 during the reign of Naa Zoligu.

The Fulanis came during the reign of Naa Loru in the year 1554 before the Hausa arrived during the reign of the Trader King, Naa Zanjina.

My question then is that how is that its always Fulanis who suffer these atrocious acts? Fulanis are always the victims of senseless violence.

The 1992 Constitution has underscored the importance, the inalienable rights of the citizens of Ghana, so how is it that one tribe’s rights have been trampled upon and even relegated as an incidental afterthought?

Ethnicity is an integral part of the Ghanaian identity but ethnocentrism is making certain unscrupulous person commit heinous crimes against their fellow Ghanaians.

The leadership of the Tabitaal Pulaaku have made it a point to preach coexistence, we admonish our people to be law abiding and even avoid reprisals for acts such as the unfortunate events that led to the demise of the innocent souls we mourn here today.

We continue to work with the security agencies to ensure peace and tranquility.

We are eternally grateful for their assistance and response in this matter.

We are comforted by the fact that the Security Services have assured us of their continued cooperation and efforts to prevent future incidents of violence.

We are pleading with the National Disaster Management Organization (NaDMO) to help provide secured lodgments to the displaced people and assist them in any other way possible.

They should not be neglected and We are also appealing to individuals, corporate entities and philanthropic organizations to help the displaced people and also assist in restoring them to their former state.

We believe the perpetrators would not go unpunished because we believe the long arm of the law would grab them sooner or later.

Again I would like to stress that our people must eschew any provocative acts or acts of reprisals. Insha Allah we shall prevail in the end and Ghana would be the winner.

Call the General Secretary of Tabital Pulakuu International

Armhed Barry 555026811

Asalam Walaikum.

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