More trouble for Ta’adi MCE: Aowin Youth Forum gives him 48hrs to apologise over his ‘I’ll transfer you to Enchi’ comment(CONTACTS)

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More trouble for Ta’adi MCE: Aowin Youth Forum gives him 48hrs to apologise over his ‘I’ll transfer you to Enchi’ comment(CONTACTS)

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The AOWIN YOUTH FORUM has taken note of an audio recording purported to be sourced from the banter between a Senior Police Officer on duty and the Metropolitan Chief Executive of the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly, in which the latter is heard saying: “I will transfer you to Enchi” “I will transfer you to Enchi”.

Enchi, located in the Western North Region of Ghana is the capital town of Aowin Municipality, with a voter population of over 70,000 and the second best Cocoa producing district in Ghana. The current Western North Regional Minister is a native of Aowin. We are proud that a former second Deputy Speaker of Parliament (during Fmr. President Rawlings’ era), the late Dr. S. B. Arthur is a son of Enchi. The first-ever appointed District Secretary (DS) for Enchi was the late Dr. K.A. Busia (former Prime Minister of the Republic of Ghana). There are so many natives of Aowin who have been in prominent positions and some still occupying well befitting portfolios in our dear Country Ghana.

It is therefore disheartening and disappointing for a whole Metropolitan Chief Executive for Sekondi Takoradi, to demean Enchi, and openly deride us, and put us in such derogatory state, painting the picture that transfers to Aowin/Enchi serves as the worst punishment that an alleged disobedient Policeman deserves.

How can an Honorable man just spew words to downgrade a Particular Municipality and its people in such a condescending manner?

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We, the above mentioned pressure group (AOWIN YOUTH FORUM) deem this as an unacceptable conduct and demand an immediate retraction of such defamatory and derogatory comments by the said Metropolitan Chief Executive and also demand that he, as a matter of urgency, render an unqualified apology in no certain terms to our Nananom, public officials working in State Agencies and Departments in Aowin and the entire people of this land.

We want to say unhesitatingly that, the MCE has within the course of the next 48hours to render such an unqualified apology and in refusal to do so, prepare to meet us in a lawful forum to answer for such defamatory charges and causing public disaffection for our beloved Enchi.

To roll the curtains down, we call on all relevant state agencies and individual stakeholders, to help in the sensitization of the Ghanaian populace, that indeed Enchi and Aowin is a safer place, with a serene and favorable environment necessary for business growth and career advancement for both public servants and private sector operators.

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Cc: All media houses.

Mr. Joseph Turkson
Secretary, AYF

Bright Normah
Public Relations Officer

Robert Kwaw Andoh

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