For Immediate Release: Offer of Monetary Compensation to Victims of the Ejura killings(CONTACTS)

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For Immediate Release: Offer of Monetary Compensation to Victims of the Ejura killings(CONTACTS)

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Earlier today, 5 February 2022, the families of the persons killed by the Ghana Armed Forces at Ejura in June 2021, with the support of the #FixTheCountry legal team received a compensation offer from the Government of Ghana, in connection with the unlawful killings that occurred during the indiscriminate firing of live ammunition into a crowd of unarmed men, women and children.

This compensation offer does not discharge the obligations of the State and its actors to the victims and the Ejura Community, including the prosecution of the offenders. The families remain committed to pursuing their cause for justice, including pressing the case for the immediate and urgent criminal prosecution of the actors involved in these heinous crimes. In this connection, on Wednesday, 9 February 2022, the families will be led by lawyers for #FixTheCountry to meet the Attorney-General and the Minister for Justice to raise the case for the prosecution of the individuals in the commission of the heinous crimes.

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#FixTheCountry continues to provide support for those injured and maimed by the military during the indiscriminate shelling of protestors in Ejura, towards reaching a compensation offer for those victims. We are confident that an arrangement will soon be made in their regard.

In addition, #FixTheCountry is also providing support to the Family of Macho Ibrahim Kaaka, and wishes to draw the attention of the public to the fact that till date, the brother of Macho Kaaka who was wrongly arrested in connection with the death of Kaaka, continues to languish in jail for over 7 months now without any proper charges or attempts at bringing him to trial.

We are grateful for the public support; and hope to count on your continuing support.

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Media Contacts:

Family Representatives and Members of the Joint Committee of Victims of the Ejura Incidents:

Alhaji Inusah Mohammed Bawa
Tel: +233244637285

Abdullai Abubakar
Tel: +233-594-998-837

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