Maxwell Mahama writes….. Dear NPP


Dear Party Members of the New Patriotic party,

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For the avoidance of doubt and for us all to ensure free, credible and transparent upcoming polling stations and Electoral Area Coordinators Elections from 19th February, 2022 to 5th March, 2022, all of us must observe the following guidelines for the Party upcoming internal Elections which was encapsulated at a press conference by the General Secretary on the 28th January, 2022 particularly Page 4 and point 9-16;

9. *No prospective aspirant shall be denied access to the purchase of Application Form by the Committee*

10. *Where a prospective aspirant is denied access to purchase an Application Form,he/she may, through a petition,purchase Application Form at the Regional or National Secretariat of the Party.*

11. *A prospective aspirant shall be a known and active member of the Party in the polling station or electoral area he/she seeks to contest as the case may be.*

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12. *An Aspirant shall be nominated by one (1) person and seconded by three (3) registered members of the Party, all of whom shall be in good standing and Party members at that particular Polling Station or Electoral Area as the case may be.*

13.*The Committee shall receive the Application Forms from prospective aspirants not later than three (3) days to the Polling Station and Electoral Area Election as the case may be.*

14.*Three (3) Passport sized photographs shall accompany each Application Form.*

15. *Persons who are qualified to contest or vote in the Polling Station and Electoral Area elections shall include any of the following:*

> Party Members whose names are captured in the updated Polling Station
Card bearing Party Members who vote at the Polling Station they seek to
participate in the elections
> Known and active Party Members whose Membership can be vouched for by at least two (2) known Party Members particularly executives. The known and
active Party Members belonging to this category must reside and vote at the
particular polling station they seek to participate in the elections

16.*For identification purpose, voters shall use their Party Membership Identity (ID) Card, but where same is unavailable National Voters ID will be admitted for the purpose of voting.*

I entreat all to be more vigilant and make sure that nobody takes the forms into his or her home to deny a prospective applicant from buying and filling.

We must all collaborate to ensure free, fair and transparent Elections so that our Party can be well fortified and strengthened towards breaking the Eight (8) in 2024.

We are the pacesetter group or Political Party  that is the most progressive or successful and serves as a model to be imitated and we must set the pace for other political Parties in our country, Ghana.

Nobody should feel intimidated but master courage to go to any Party office and buy his or her form from the Election committee but *make sure you stand to be voted for at the particular polling you are seeking for the election.*

I wish all of us a successful upcoming Elections….


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