Sad story: Woman electrocuted with her child at her back

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Sad story: Woman electrocuted with her child at her back

A very sad news hit on social media as a young woman has passed away due to power shock, whiles she was walking home with his child on her back.

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According to the information, the woman is electrocuted whiles she was walking home with her child at her back.

These sad incidence occurred in a pathway, where the woman usually pass through before, she arrived at his house.

Furthermore, it is later reveal that, “the woman was electrocuted by light poles wire”, man says.

“I thought, she was just sleeping on the floor so I decided to walk there and confront her, and ask her something, because, where I saw her, was very far but when I reached her, I was very shock because of the wire, she is, quickly, I later find it myself that, she is dead but his child is still alive”, Man reveal the sadness incident he saw.

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According to the Man, who shared this, the woman was shocked by power because there is one of the light poles wires down so she accidentally, walk to where the wires are, and electrocuted by power inside the wires.

Below are the photos that confirmed the sadness death of the young woman, who is electrocuted.

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