Just in: Speeding vehicle crashes woman to death

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Just in: Speeding vehicle crashes woman to death

An unidentified truck driver cannot be found after an accident this morning. The accident which happened at the Odomu River of the Akyerensua Senior High School road was confirmed to have been caused by overspeeding, an eyewitness said after the accident.

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The decease, Mary Sarpong, was walking on the Akyerensua to Agyapongkrom road with her husband when the empty truck crashed her to death. The husband of the deceased, Kofi Sarpong, narrated that, the truck driver was speeding and that caused the accident.

We were walking to our farm at six this morning when the truck driver suddenly drove over my wife and daughter, killing them on the spot. The driver did that on purpose and that was why he vanished after the accident, Kofi Sarpong said after the accident.

Kofi Sarpong who suffered minor injuries added that the driver had vanished from the truck after crashing his wife and daughter. The fifteen-month-old baby died on the spot of the accident while the mother, Mary Sarpong was confirmed dead at the Akyerensua Methodist Clinic.

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Mary sustained injuries to her lower abdomen but her daughter, the fifteen-month-old baby, crashed her head to the road when Mary mother fell on her. Mary had slung her daughter on her back with a piece of clothing and that caused her to fell on the baby when the truck crashed her, the husband explained.

The police of Akyerensua has taken over investigations but the truck driver has since not been found. Residents of Akyerensua believe the truck driver has some kind of magic spell and that made it possible for him to vanish after the accident.

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