Trimester vrs Semester: The view of Northern Friends of Education and Development (NORFRED)

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Semester System: The view of Northern Friends of Education and Development (NORFRED)

To all media houses

The Northern Friends of Education and Development (NORFRED) wishes to add its voice to the numerous calls on the Education Ministry and the minister as well to rescind its decision on extending
the instructional period of the basic level spanning from kindergarten through to the Junior High for the 2022/23 academic year and also using the semester system instead of the trimester system which has been in used over the years.

One wonders what scientific research or findings and or broader consultations might have informed these decisions and also if any close attention was paid to the cognitive and psychomotor development
of these children vis-à-vis their stages of learning.

The socio-cultural demographics of the parents allowed pupils to assist and learn other important social values which served as the motivation for most
students from deprived communities. Using 2021 as a case study, our research showed that teachers and students alike had lost interest along the line and there was gross absenteeism of pupils because the vacations periods which were times pupils assisted their parents in farm works was taken away and
the parents had no option than to absent their wards from schools. How come our universities don’t spend that much time but our lower levels?

The constituent of effective teaching and learning far out ways the time and timing. Our schools are bedeviled with teething challenges beckoning for salvation, among them are; the lack of infrastructure, lack of furniture, overcrowding in some schools, lack of teaching and learning aids, disincentivising teachers and above all learners attending school on empty stomachs.

It is important to strive for international standards, and on this score the minister and his ministry must be applauded for the Common Core Program policy initiative, as it is the only best bet for our economic independence as a state.

It is however, regrettable to say the least that this program might as well be dead on arrival if the above stated challenges and other necessary resources are not paid critical and close attention to.

Signed: Ibrahim Mohammed Awal
(Executive Director- NORFRED)

Phone numbers: 0246513119\0243732961

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