“I’ll shoot and kill your machomen and then arrest you” – DCE goes berserk

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“I’ll shoot and kill your machomen and then arrest you” – DCE goes beserk

Hon. Yaw Danso, the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bosome Freho in the Ashanti Region has gone berserk, saying he will shoot and kill the machomen of one Mr. E.K Agyemang, a Miner.

According to the DCE, Mr. E.K Agyemang claim to have acquired mining concersion in the district is unfounded, adding that, his assertions are neither here nor there.

The said E.K Agyemang is the Director for Rock – Hill Minerals Limited.

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A voice recording circulating in the media airwaves, the DCE was heard in a clear voice threatening to kill the machomen of the miner if they venture the place to work on the concersion that does not belongs them.

Yaw Danso (DCE), alleged that, Mr. E.K. Agyemang send his boys to the area to dupe and bully Miners working illegally and also threatening them with his boys.

“E K Agyemang extorts money from people on a concession he claimed to be the rightful owner which is not true, hence the public should treat it with the contempt it deserves”, DCE stressed.

“He don’t have any concession in Minti, a community within the district, he goes to the bush with his macho-men and take GH50,000 from miners, claiming he is the rightful owner of the concession hence they should pay money to him” Yaw Danso said.

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In the voice recording intercepted by filasconews, Yaw Danso told Mr. E. K….” You are a thieve man. Don’t allow your machomen to come to the area again, you thieve man. If you allow them to come there again, I will arrest you and kill your boys.

Even if they are policemen, I will shoot and kill them and then arrest you too”, he was clearly heard in the voice recording.

Yaw Danso added that, the macho-men are arm-robbers that’s why he told Mr. E K Agyemang he will shoot them if he sees them in the bush and arrest him as well.

He said, E K Agyemang came to his office with his lawyer to sort things out, he later told his lawyer to go out, according to Yaw Danso, he begged him to sacked those at his acclaimed concession.

“Now, why do you come and beg me to help you sacked people from your concession if it really belongs to you” Yaw Danso asked?

Yaw Danso added that, the papers E K Agyemang brought to his office doesn’t guarantee him to mine on the said land but rather, the papers told him to look for a land before he will grant the permission to mine, but as of now, he doesn’t have that license to mine on Minti community.

According to Yaw Danso, the Ashanti Regional Police Command is looking for Mr E K Agyemang for extorting money from miners and using macho-men to threatening innocent people.

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