Bogoso Explosion: I’ve lost all my four children, their bodies missing- Tear-jerking father reveals

Explosion: I’ve lost all my four children, their bodies missing- Tear-jerking father reveals

Ghanaians weren’t lucky enough to witness another good news as the unexpected explosion that occurred at Appiatse in the Bogoso municipality has undoubtedly broken the hearts of most individuals across the country especially residents within the Appiatse community.

According to recent reports and thorough investigations by the Ghana police service, it was established that, a mining explosive vehicle which was moving from Tarkwa to Chirano mines collided with a motorcycle which unexpectedly resulted in the explosion hence killing innocent victims.

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However, recent reports have also proven that, 17 innocent victims are dead whilst 59 others are currently receiving serious medical treatment after being admitted at the various hospitals and clinics within the Bogoso municipality.

With respect to this, one of the most heartbreaking news concerning how a father lost all his four children due to the unexpected incident has undoubtedly broken lots of hearts as individuals have already come out to urge the incumbent government to come to the aid of civilians whose houses were destroyed due to the disaster.

According to the traumatized parent, all his four children who were at home when the unexpected explosion occurred within the vicinity had lost their respective lives.

In addition to this, the father of the 4 innocent children revealed that, even though he has taken the privilege to look for the bodies of his children, it seems all his efforts have been futile since he couldn’t find traces of not even one of their bodies.

“All my four children are dead; I can’t even find their bodies”, the traumatized father emphatically revealed.

However, it’s been revealed by eyewitnesses that, only school children who were at their respective school premises were the only residents within the community who survived the heartbreaking disaster since they weren’t anywhere near the explosion area.

May their souls rest in perfect peace and all condolences goes to the entire family and loved ones.

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