Upper West Region: The current state of Kambaa bridge(VIDEO)

Upper West Region: The current state of Kambaa bridge(VIDEO)

This is a major high way bridge connecting Lawra to Nandom to Hamile and Burkina Faso, the below video is the current state of Kambaa bridge in the Upper West Region .

This bridge was promised by the interior some years ago that they’re coming to work on it which they brought all the materials to the area but up to date nothing has been done to it . It is now a death trapped for people using that road .

It is clear that the president and the npp government declared year of roads but it seems Upper west is neglected in this government initiative . Most of our major roads connecting to the regional capital are bad e.g Lawra to Han road , Tumu to Wa road , Lawra to Wa road , the All Almighty Dikpe Bridge which sod was cut and abandoned in 2020.

We can recall that in 2021 water washed some part of the road from Lawra to Wa and the ministry of roads intervened but it has not been completed because those area are more than the government special initiative 1 village 1 Dam on the road . It is obvious that Npp government is in a deep comma but it’s time they should wake up to work our roads and safe lives.

The video below shows the current state of the Kambaa bridge.

By Sawaare Jacob aka Zambo Mp from Lawra

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