5 animals that die after giving birth

close up photo of green praying mantis

5 animals that die after giving birth

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green mantis

Praying mantises are one of the animals that die after giving birth. After the female mantis lays her eggs, she dies soon afterwards. 1. Praying Mantis

gray fish jumping over body of water surrounded with plants

After spawning, most female salmon undergo physiological changes that result in their death within a few weeks. 2. Salmon

black spider

Social spiders live in large groups and cooperate in order to build and maintain their webs. These spiders typically die soon after they mate and produce offspring. 3. Social Spiders

close-up photo of brown octopus

Most octopuses are semelparous, which means they reproduce only once in their lifetime. Once the eggs hatch, the female octopus usually dies shortly afterward due to exhaustion. 4. Octopus

brown and black striped spider on gray rock

Scorpions are one of the few animals that die after giving birth. During this period, the female may stop feeding and eventually die, providing nutrients to her offspring through cannibalistic feeding. 5. Scorpions

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