Elegant Female Teachers and their classroom wonders

Elegant Female Teachers and their classroom wonders

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A female teacher has shared a video showing how she writes for her students in the classroom.

Akosua Saffy is a professional teacher who regularly posts videos of her classroom activities on TikTok.

In the new video, the teacher was seen standing on a chair to write on the blackboard for her students.

It appears the blackboard is high, and Akosua could not properly reach the point where she wanted to write on the board because it is high.

She placed the chair close to the board and climbed on it. She ruled her lines and wrote the topic, which was ‘conversations.’

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When she was done writing, she climbed down and sat on the chair and started interacting with the students.

Akosua wrote while posting the video:

“This was an opportunity for my learners to come out with their thoughts on how I teach. What I can do to make them understand concepts better and the areas in my teaching that needs improvement and most importantly their feelings towards my teaching.”

Akosua’s video has caught the attention of her followers on TikTok. The video currently has over 6k comments. Also, over 216k people have viewed it.

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