2023: Salary of Lecturers in Ghana, Lecturers ranks

2023: Salary of Lecturers in Ghana, Lecturers ranks

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Salary of Lecturers in Ghana 2023, Lecturer Ranks And Responsibilities
A lecturer is a person who teaches in a university. It is an academic rank given in colleges and universities to a teacher ranking below assistant professor. Lecturers in Ghana are categorized from junior lecturers to Emeritus Professors. These lecturers could have very decent take-home pay considering their own effort for the economy. In this article, we are going to discuss the salary of Lecturers in Ghana 2023.

Salary of Lecturers in Ghana 2023, Lecturer Ranks And Responsibilities
Responsibilities of Lecturers

In Ghana, the responsibilities of a lecturer are;

• To give a lecture to students.
• Implement their knowledge to the society,
• Conducting some research; However, some lecturers are faced with responsibilities in doing all these.

Just like other professions, the academic sector also has its own hierarchy and rank with regard to carrying and running its administrative work. Just as their rank is different so is the difference in their salaries.

Salary Structure of a Lecturer

There is nothing like the salary of a lecturer in Ghana. Salaries depend on several factors ranging from the level of education of the lecturer to the institution the lecturer is affiliated with.
However, unofficial sources say the average Ghanaian lecturer earns GHC4,500 a month as a basic salary. The salaries of lecturers also vary depending on positions the lecturer holds aside from being a lecturer, Positions such as a Head of Department, a Dean, and so on.

Also, the class of the lecturer can determine the salary they’ll receive. A Senior lecturer can earn GHS 54,000 -60,000 per year. When it comes to rank, professors are paid the most. They can make as much as GHS 96,000 or even more of that per annum.

Lecturers Ranks in Ghana
• Emeritus Professor
• Professor
• Associate Professor
• Senior Lecturer
• Lecturer I
• Lecturer II • Assistant Lecturer
• Graduate Assistant

Lecturers Book and Research Allowance
Apart from their normal salaries, Lecturers are also paid some allowances including the Book and Research

Senior Members

Book Allowance of GHS 1,500 Research allowance GHS 500


Senior Members

Book Allowance GHS 1,500
Research allowance GHS 400

Non-Senior Members

Book Allowance GHS 1,000
Research allowance GHS 300

From the above, one can see that several factors affect the salary of Lecturers in Ghana. So to be able to get the exact amount that a lecturer takes home every month will be a difficult task. The actual pay might vary due to other factors but it certainly won’t exceed the range provided.

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