“I told my husband to impregnate my sister” – Barren wife tells court

“I told my husband to impregnate my sister” – Barren wife tells court

49 year-old woman slumps as Court dissolves her 21-year-old marriage over childlessness.

The both parties agreed to dissolve their marriage and the wife asked the court to grant her husband prayer of divorce. In view of this, the Court has no other choice than to grant the petitioner’s prayer for divorce. The marriage is hereby dissolved. The petitioner has waved the K 25,000 bride price he paid. Hence the respondent has no need to return it”. The Court held.

“The man said to the court, “I have just 9 years to retire from civil service. I don’t have any child. I am exhausted in this marriage. I have tried my best to have at least child from my wife but all attempts have failed. Separate us, my Lord. The petitioner had earlier told the Court.

On her part, the woman told the Court that she had prayed and visited doctors but no child.

“My Lord, I have gone to different places and taken different concoctions, all to no avail. I had told my husband to go out and impregnate any young girl and allow me to still remain his wife but he still insisted on divorce. Where do I go at my age ”she said and slumped.

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