Young lady attacked with acid after refusing proposal

Young lady attacked with acid after refusing proposal

A 27-year-old woman has described how she was attacked with acid, causing her and her family untold hardship.

Nadia, the young lady, claims she had left work and was on her way to catch public transport home, but that was only the beginning of her problems.

According to her, she was unable to obtain a direct car to Kasoa, so she was forced to travel to Mallam Junction and continue from there.

She went into the station when she arrived at Maallam Junction, but there was no available car.

She then moved beneath the bride to pick up a car when she felt something pour on her, and she began to feel a burning sensation and had to remove her dress to clean her face, but she had no idea the substance was acid.

”Unfortunately, the person who poured the substance on me fled, and we were unable to apprehend him. I was taken to the police station to file an official complaint, and then to the hospital. I felt my body burn and saw the bottle with the contents on the ground, but the perpetrator had fled.”

According to her, she was asked if she suspected anyone, but she had no one in mind at the time.

Later, it was discovered that a young man named Godfred had left his location, turned off his phones, and all other attempts to contact him had been futile.

The police have since declared him wanted as the prime suspect.

She said on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Frontline that the situation has affected her relationship and that she is currently staying with her parents because she was feeling lonely and suicidal at times.

She is due for surgery and needs Ghc20,000, but the family has been unable to raise the resources to pay for it and other medical requirements.


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