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How to remove bad luck and curses from your life

How to remove bad luck and curses from your life

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Curses are of different types and from different sources. Especially curse of mother, women, and guru can be lethal. There are daiva shaapas which mean Deity’s curses. These curses follow an individual life after life.

Unless you take action to erase them out of your life, or you suffer it completely, it will not leave you. Sarpa shaapa will rid you of progeny and marital happiness. Then there are animals whose tears of grief and anguish will certainly work as curses on human beings who harm them.


Sometimes curses can be given by those who are unable to control their jealousy and ill will. Cursing will utilize the punya that you have assimilated and cursing once also will take away a load of punya that you have done and you have to start afresh by doing sathkarmas or good karmas or punya.

Number 7: Number 7 is a lucky number as per some cultures. Even in our scriptures, this number gets mentioned. This number represents luck and progress in life.

It is a strong and lucky number which will change your destiny and luck if used in maximum situations in daily life. Number 7 overpowers the bad luck and converts it into good tidings,

Learn To be positive: You are what you think. Whatever you think, your mind believes it and carries it out to completion. So if you think you are unfit for some task, so will you be – unfit for that finally.

Positivity leads to positive results and negativity leads to negative results. With belief in any one or your own self, can work miracles. It is trust and belief that makes the world go round.

Crystal Salt: Add salt to bathing water as this will counter the negative energy in your body. Sprinkle salt water on all corners of your rooms as it will chase away the evil energies. If you throw salt behind your left shoulder, the bad luck that is following you at your back will disappear for good.

Use incense: Jasmine and sandalwood incense in agarbattis are ideal vehicles of peace and good luck. Every room in your house should have a scent of these two incenses always.

Always see that you light odd number of incense sticks and not even number. Light incense in every room to wipe out the effects of ill luck and curses.

Pray: Praying in earnest is the best panacea for every ill. Prayer is nothing but telling him what you feel from the depth of your heart. Tell him your problems and seek a way out of it from God.

He is the one who has a solution to your problems because he is the one who sends them. Daily prayer gets you close to god who will solve your problems and relive you of bad luck You will also feel relaxed and energized.

You will feel a fresh burst of positivity and hope with each prayer session. Whether you are living a fairly good life or not, prayer gives you peace and happiness which no amount of gold or silver can get you.

Goldfish: Goldfish are famous and widely popular for their glowing ensnaring looks but mainly they are the safekeepers of luck, wealth, intellect and progress. If you are angling at a goldfish, it is better to keep 8 of them coupled with one black goldfish.

Their movements inside the aquarium will brush away the bad luck and break the curse in case you have been cursed. Keep them anywhere they will enliven that atmosphere and bring luck to the place.

Let them be at home or workplace, all they do is to augment your luck. It is a good idea to keep an odd number of fishes.

Gems: Gems are not only known to remove bad luck or mitigate some planetary influence; it is also known to remove the long-standing curses. Gems also have an ability to enhance the positivity in you.

Gold coloured gemstones remove bad luck and curses more effectively than any other. You could try Agate and Amber which have a Golden hue. Use it in your rings.

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