Asawase: Voting delays as Muntaka allegedly camps delegates

Asawase: Voting delays as Muntaka allegedly camps delegates

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Voting in the Asawase constituency is currently being delayed as some delegates are reported to have been camped by the incumbent MP, Muntaka Mohammed Mubarak.

Due to this development, some delegates who are mostly of old age have been forced to sit on the floor as authorities have prevented them from sitting on the chairs at the centre.

Even though the place has been arranged for the voting process to commence, the voting has not started yet and there is no communication as to why the voting has not commenced.

A source told Ghanaweb that, they do not know what is happening at the centre and nothing is happening there.

“…We have not started voting, and you know the Asawase delegates are aged, they are been refused access to seat on a chair, so they are sitting on the floor. The incumbent MP has also camped delegates and they are not here. We just don’t know why they haven’t started voting, no communication, nothing.”

One of Ghana’s longest-serving members of parliament, Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka is seeking to serve the members of his constituency for the sixth time.

Masawudu Mubarak a businessman is hoping to unseat the five-time MP.

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