HLDD: Resolution for the immediate reposting of 3 staff members

HLDD: Resolution for the immediate reposting of 3 staff members

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The Hon. Assembly Members of the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District (HLDD) Assembly, by a unanimous decision, in the 3rd sitting day of 1st Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, passed a resolution for the immediate reposting of the following three Staff members over complaints of general insults of the integrity and credibility of the District Assembly, habitual undermining of the authority of the District Assembly, lack of good manners verbally, negligence to duty, lack of commitment to duty, bad human and working relations with DCE, Assembly Members and some staff, Abuse of office, creation of division among Assembly members, lack of responsibility to duty, profound disrespect to the authority of the District Assembly, especially that of Hon. DCE, Habitual and regular absence to duty, over familiarity with Authorities due to overstay at the ass (long stay at the District) breeding insubordination, financial abuse, etc. The affected Officers were:

1. Mr. Sagitto Musah Issakah- District – Coordinating Director.

2. Mr. Dominic Abekah – District Budget Officer.

3. Mr. Jawula S. Musah – District Procurement Officer.

On the other hand, the officers occupying the following portfolios were unanimously referred by the Hon. House to PRCC for further investigations by the General Assembly on their individual decisions to boycott the General Assembly Meeting to respond to questions already filed by some Hon. Assembly Members about their respective operations/activities pertaining to the conducts of their offices since the DCD refused/declined to provide response to such questions.

The Hon. DCE, accordingly informed the house, that the reasons for their individual absence to the meeting is not known to him and neither has the DCD informed him of their application for permission to absent themselves from duty.

The statement from the assembly

They were:
1. Head of Spatial Planning Unit.
2. Head of Works Dept.
3. Head of Planning Dept.

They accordingly extended a hand of appreciation, on behalf of the Hon DCE and our enviable Assembly, to all Hon. Members for their commitment to duty and the Assembly in this first ever extended Assembly Meeting held for 3 sitting Days. May God replenises us all and bless the Constituents of our Assembly. To the Ghana Police Service and Local Stakeholders, especially Nananom, we appreciate your esteemed support and encouragements.

Finally, they extended special to all participating HODs and Media Outlets in the meetings. We truly enjoy working mutually with you respectively as always.

Hon.N. K. Abban
Presiding Member, THLDDA

Asante Adjei Hapoleon
Hemang West Electoral Area

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By: Joel Donkoh Bankam Fm

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