“Spare us from Unscriptural Miracle Narratives” – Rev Boachie to Apostle Nyamekye

“Spare us from Unscriptural Miracle Narratives” – Rev Boachie to Apostle Nyamekye

According to the New Testament records, all the visible miracles were exclusivrely performed by Christ and the church officers (Apostles and the Seven leaders)!

In the gospels Jesus Christ was performing specific prophesied Messianic Miracles to prove that he is the Messiah and to announce the first arrival of the long awaited Messianic Era. Later the Messiah sent his 12 Apostles to perform certain limited miracles, lastly 70 Disciples. Strangely, there were a group of unnamed exorcisers, who could be Essenes / John’s Disciples, who by prophecy new the Messiah had arrived and miracle could be done in His name by those who believe Him, and these outsiders were experimenting it. That was why Jesus permitted them (none was a child)!

I Mark. 16, Acts. 2: 1Cor. 12, there were promised signs and gifts exclusive to believers (Gentle Believers). When Paul got converted, he had to follow church ministers, especially, (Bananas) for a long time before Paul could perform miracles, signs and wonders (Acts. 13). Paul had to be grounded and firm in his faith in the Messiah before mighty works could follow him!

Throughout the New Testament there was never a time where God bypassed the Apostles, Elders, Deacons (Ephesians. 4:11) etc. to perform miracles even in some cases Peter had to be sent for to raise Dorcas from the dead, lay hands in Samariah and preach in Ceaserea (Cornelius household) for supernaturalty manifestations!
God never used children whereas the officers of the church were alive or around! This is the biblical precedence! It is characteristic of those who don’t take Scriptures serious to turn strange experiences into biblical truth. None of the Apostles, Elders and Deacons was a child!

Though, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Savior and God, had to undergo tutorage (Gal. 4:4) and know the Scriptures at age 12 (Luke. 2:41-52) yet, He had to wait until age 30 before he could perform miracles. Our Charismatic and Pentecostal fathers should take the Scripture serious but not strange experiences.

The preaching of the gospel always precedes miracles, however, could that child preach Christ and the Gospel from the Scriptures at the hospital or to his father? What does a 7 year old boy know about God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Scriptures, Gospel and the Fear of God that produce practical faith? Children are to be blessed and not the opposite, according to Christ! When i was a child, I acted as a child, Christ lived under the law until he become matured fore ministry! Longevity is still a requirement for Apostleship, Leadership and Deaconship in the church.

Should this unbiblical narrative and experience be accepted because, Apostle Nyamekye, some medical professionals or loved ones witnessing it?

If the narrative is true, then the Church of Pentecost should officially ordain that 7 year old boy and give him a local church to pastor it!

A child needs to grow up and listen to the pure gospel of Jesus Christ preached, understand it, believe it, surrender to it totally, then, he can qualify to receive the Holy Spirit and proceed to operate the gifts of the Holy Spirit! I want somebody to biblically dispute this sound doctrine!

I believe in biblical miracles and supernaturalties performed by holy men of God, who know God and have walked with the biblcal God, who only confirms the preaching of His servants with wonders, miracles and sign!

Believers are to test and judge every spirit, faith, practice, doctrine and supernaturality with Scriptures. Whenever a preacher succeeds in inventing his own church, he proceeds to invent his own God by re-interpreting the Scriptures so as to present his own Gospel / Saviour, in whose name to perform supra-miracles and later lower the standards of worship!

Apostles Nyamekye’s narrative is SUPRA-MIRACULOUS!

Children’s leadership is a visible signal of Divine Judgement against his own people! If the narrative is true, then, God is displeased with the clergymen in the Church of Pentecost, that is why He is using a 7 year old boy to do that, instead of their ministers. The leadership of the said church should throw ashes upon themselves, wear sackcloth and be wailing all over their church premises. This can not be good news to church!

When God was angry at Israel, he told them,
Isaiah. 3:4:
I will make boys their leaders, and toddlers their rulers.

Should we tell the whole world that in the Church of Pentecost, Children at 7 years old perform miracles, so people should run to this child?

Scriptures can not be broken!

REV. EMMANUEL BOACHIE Country Director Awsome Bible College and Headpastor Souls’ Posture Church.
+233 (0) 240 37 59 59.

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