3 reasons why women cheat

3 reasons why women cheat

Men still commit infidelity more often than women, but research finds the gap is narrowing—and fast. Understanding what’s leading women to cheat could help more couples stay together.

3 Reasons Why Women Cheat

1. Emotional undernourishment. According to the authors of the study, here’s how you can practice sexual mindfulness with ease: Let go of self-judgment and recognize that your partner is attracted to more than just your body.

They love your

sense of humor , your ideas, and your emotions. Talk about your insecurities and make a plan together to try to eliminate these distractions. Apart from pleasure, emotional is the ultimate goal of sex. To practice sex mindfully and savor the pleasurable moments, ask questions like:

“How does my partner smell or taste?”, “What is the temperature and texture of their skin?”, “What does their voice sound like?”, “How do I feel when I am touched?”, “What thoughts arise in me when I am in my partner’s embrace?”

3. Unequal division of labor

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