Secrets of Happiness, Peace and Joy

Secrets of Happiness, Peace and Joy

There are 12 very important things that you should value and focus on daily for meaning, happiness, joy, fulfilment, peace, and satisfaction in your life.

There are 12 very important things that you should value and focus on daily for meaning, happiness, joy, fulfilment, peace, and satisfaction in your life. In my book, Good To Better, I explained how these 12 values will help you transition from good to better.

They are as follows;

Health, well-being and energy- You get positive energy and vitality from this value.

Love and acceptance -True nonjudgmental love for and acceptance of yourself first, is the master key to self-worth, inner peace and happiness; Then extending this to others).

Gratitude and appreciation- Be grateful, thankful and appreciative of yourself, everyone, everything and every circumstance in your life each day- Know if a certainty that it could have been worse and others have it much worse than you – So learn to be grateful for who, where you are and what you have Kindness, empathy and compassion- Being patient with and having an understanding of self and others are very important for you and others to feel loved and supported to make progress in life. Empathy, compassion and kindness make these happen.

Integrity- Doing the right thing at the right time even when no one is watching or will ever know ultimately gives a sense of dignity, inner peace and freedom. It births honesty and trust in all relationships and dealings. How will your life be different if everyone knew you as a person of integrity?

Selflessness, generosity and giving- We are wired as humans to serve humanity by giving of ourselves and sharing love and all. It’s how we are wired to always give more than we receive. It’s more blessed to give than receive because the Bible says whatsoever you give is returned back to you in good measure, pressed down and shaking over. Give because it’s in your nature to give. Give because it’s the right thing to do. Give not because you want anything in return, but give from the abundance of what you’ve been blessed with.

Learning, progress and growth – The day you stop learning, progressing or growing is the day you start dying. In life, failure, experience, intention, perception, and beliefs are very key to progress or lack of it. So, be open-minded about these biased influencers. When you value growth you will continue to live life to the fullest.

Peace, tranquillity and contentment – Live peaceably with all men including yourself as this is the will of God for you – Without peace, prosperity is impossible. Without inner peace, joy and happiness will elude you – Peace is a very critical need in life – It’s the delicate balance between knowing that you are enough all by yourself and in yourself lacking and needing nothing and no one, But also knowing that you’re here in the world to receive and add value and be a gift to everyone you meet at all times – Peace is bliss, presence, silence, reaction-less.

Relationships, friendship, family and meaningful connections with man and God- No man is an island all by himself. Care about others and put their needs, wants, pain and desires ahead of yours. Making time for, giving love to and investing your resources in the people you care about is important.

Be present with them. Make their day and life better than you met it. Put a smile on their faces all the time. However, make sure you’re not in relationships with those that detaste you!! The right relationships with the right people are the key.

Fun and playfulness – This is about loving yourself and loving what you’re doing in each moment. It’s about doing what you love in each moment. This is about when doing what you love meets loving what you do in each moment. Fun is finding your own sweet moments in each moment and enjoying it

Fulfilment, satisfaction and contentment- Having a vision and mission in life is what life’s about. Daily purposeful living, adding value, and solving the problems you’re here in this world to solve is the essence of living. It’s the daily and consistent attainment of the things you’re wired for and intentionally setting out to achieve and achieving them that brings fulfilment.

This helps you fully become who and what you were created to be. Incidentally, fulfilment and satisfaction in life are what we all ultimately seek in our daily pursuits in our marriage, careers, relationships, finances, spirituality etc. Focusing on seeking fulfilment and satisfaction, directly rather than indirectly, consciously rather than unconsciously, are the keys to experiencing them.

Spirituality and security – This is about the attainment of your highest self. Living from a place of knowing and being, from the core of your essence. Developing intimate and personal relationships with your own spirit and your soul; with the spirit and soul of the universe and God.

Spirituality is about releasing the power deep within you and finding freedom and liberty in your being to experience and express yourself as your highest self. Spirituality is being totally secure in the intangible and invisible dimensions of existence within and without you.

If you live these 12 values daily, you will surely enjoy a lot of happiness, fulfilment and joy in your life.


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