15 uses of Vaseline you didn’t know

15 uses of Vaseline you didn’t know

The petroleum jelly is a substance derived from petroleum which is suitable for application to the skin (correctly), it is of dermatologic use, did you know that? That is why it can be used for a lot of purposes not only in skincare, but also in makeup, nails and hair. Plus, it’s easy to find and affordable!

That is why today we will tell you the thousand and one uses that you can give to a single jar, plus several extra tips. Take note!


Chafing reliefs

That’s right, both in babies and in sensitive and irritated skin, Vaseline is top! It is enough to wash the skin gently and distribute the petroleum jelly on the affected areas. For added freshness, sprinkle a splash of thermal water at the end.

Fix the eyebrows

For those with thin and unruly brows, we suggest taking a clean mascara wand, applying a dash of Vaseline and brushing upward every day (after cleansing and before makeup) to set and create a fuller, fuller effect. density.

With a little petroleum jelly, you won’t need the soap trick or gel to set your brows.

Helps the perfume last longer

If you want the fragrances to last for hours on your skin, smear a little Vaseline on the parts where the pulse beats, such as neck, wrists, clavicles, behind the ears or back of the elbow and, when it is absorbed, spray the perfume there. This tip will make the essence is being released throughout the day and its aroma will last longer.

Heal small wounds

Minor burns, blisters, and small wounds can be relieved by applying Vaseline daily. If you have a very irritated area, put chamomile compresses before the petrolatum to reduce pain and inflammation.

Softens cuticles and skin

Say goodbye to hardened cuticles, dry skin and peels with this super easy remedy: All you have to do is soak your nails in warm water for about 5 minutes and massage the dry parts with a petroleum jelly coating. After this, take a manicure scissors and remove the dead skin. It will be much easier!

Vaseline is a must for a perfect manicure. It’s guaranteed!

Moisturize split ends

Stye problems? Enhance their appearance with a layer of petroleum jelly that locks in moisture and seals the ends. And it is! To amplify its effects, put the petroleum jelly on the clean ends, roll up a hot towel, leave it on for half an hour and wash as usual.

Calm after waxing

Avoiding redness and pain after waxing is possible and the secret is: Vaseline. How does it apply? After removing the hair, wait a few minutes and use a moderate amount of petroleum jelly to soothe the skin.

Brightens skin naturally

One way to achieve a wet look or jelly makeup in seconds is to apply the Vaseline to the high points of the face, such as cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose and, if desired, the eyelid. You will see that the buttery effect is immediate, and without taking hours in the skincare!

Avoid dye stains

Painting hair at home can be a disaster if we do not take the necessary protective measures, such as wearing gloves and a shirt that you no longer like. However, the petroleum jelly here also plays an important role since if you put a good covering on the forehead, the ears and on the line where the hair grows, the dye will not leave a stain!

Softens cracked feet and heels

The uses of Vaseline extend to the feet, as with it it is possible to hydrate, soften and remove dead skin from the heels. We recommend that you mix two tablespoons of Vaseline with two tablespoons of ground rice, and massage your feet with the paste for a few minutes. Allow the emollient qualities to penetrate the complexion and wash off with lukewarm water.

Works as a make-up remover

And it works even in the heaviest formulas! The key is to take petroleum jelly with your fingers, rub your hands together to warm it and bring it to your face with gentle massages. When you see that the makeup is melting, remove with a cotton pad and continue with your beauty routine.

Remember that for a good makeup removal, the Vaseline must be somewhat hot.

Fight dandruff

Reduce dandruff problems and combine 3 tablespoons of Vaseline, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and and cup of rosemary oil in a bowl. Apply the mask to the scalp in an upward motion and rinse with warm water after 15 minutes.

Facilitates the detachment of false eyelashes

Everything that you have adhered to the eyelids with false eyelash glue (also applies in eye jewelry) can be removed with a punch of petroleum jelly. To achieve this, take petroleum jelly with a cotton swab and pass it in circles over the adhesive part, until it is completely removed.

Conditions lashes

Say yes to naturally stronger, thicker, longer, softer and curlier eyelashes, just by applying a thin layer of Vaseline before bed. Do it every other day and start to notice its effects, in less than two weeks!

Petroleum jelly can also be helpful in cleaning up mascara residue on your eyelash curler.

Moisturize lips

The Vaseline is an excellent lip balm you can apply every day and even the can be converted into a glow with color. How? In a metal can or small container with a lid, add 1 tablespoon of Vaseline and ½ teaspoon of the powder of an eyeshadow, the color you want the lipstick to be. Mix very well and you have it!

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