Nungua reunite, want wrong doers punished as they celebrate Kplejoo Festival

Nungua reunite, want wrong doers punished as they celebrate Kplejoo Festival

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Nungua reunite as the power play by both the paramount chief of Nungua King Prof.Odaifio Walentse III and the chief priest of Nungua Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsuru XXXIII which over the years both have been fighting over who is the legitimate ruler of Nungua community.

At a joyous occasion to officially launch 2023 Kplejoo festival celebration which forms part of the municipality customary rites to remember their forefathers and ancestors.

Speaking at the official launch of kplejoo festival for this year, the paramount chief King Prof.Nii Odaifio Walentse III urged the youth of the community to desist from chieftaincy violence and learn from the historic unity they witness as they mark the annual festival.

He said the misunderstanding between him and the chief priest was just a small matter and it has been resolved by themselves and call for Coexistence among the traditional authorities.

According to him, the Nungua community is the only place they belong and cannot run to any community, so if they destroy it is their properties which the forefathers left them in peaceful harmony they destroy.

The paramount chief warned some politicians who has tag Nungua as a flash point of violence must know that on was the community has taken it white clothes back so they should stop spoiling the beautiful community.

King Professor Nii Odaifio Walentse III was optimistic that the picture out there will change henceforth.

A 25 member committee has been constituted to ensure that there is peaceful during and after the festive season.

He also tasks the committee to brought perpetrators who caused violence to book without fear or favour and by so doing it will help bring lasting peace in the community.

The paramount chief assured that immediately after the festive season he and the chief priest will sit down and see the way forward to reclaiming all lands that have lost the community over the years.

He said the necessary documents are all intact so claiming it back won’t be a problem at all.

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By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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