Top 10 AFRICAN Countries that consume the most Alcohol – No1 on the list is okay but Ghana’s position is not convincing

Top 10 AFRICAN Countries that consume the most Alcohol – No1 on the list is okay but Ghana’s position is not convincing

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African countries that consume alcohol the most. Image from Pixabay

People’s News Africa has it that alcohol consumption is high in African countries despite being ranked lower than several European countries like Belarus and Grenada. has also simplified the global drinking demographics with pure alcohol consumption per capita by country. Here are the top five libation countries that consume more alcohol.

According to World Health Organization, Belarus is ranked first among countries that consume more alcohol across the globe. On average, its citizens consume 14.4 litres each year. Lithuania is ranked second, with an average of 12.9 litres per year.

Grenada is ranked third with an average of 11.9 litres per year. The Czech Republic and France have a yearly average consumption of 11.8 litres, with Russia settling for fifth with an average of 11.5 litres yearly.


However, according to People’s News Africa, alcohol consumption is high in Africa, and these countries consume the most alcohol.

Top 10 African countries that consume the most Alcohol

1. Nigeria

In Nigeria, beer constitutes about 16% of all alcoholic beverages consumed. Ogogoro is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Nigeria. Other local drinks contain 86% of alcohol.

2. Cameroon

Locally brewed spirits are mostly preferred.

3. Uganda

Brewed brands make up 94%, whilst alcohol constitutes 4%, with wine consumption at 2%

4. Kenya

Tusker contributes 43% of total sales in Kenya and is the most popular beer brand.

5. Rwanda

Homemade alcoholic beverages constitute 92% of consumption, with beer brands making up 8%.


6. Namibia

Beer constitutes 67% of alcohol consumption in Namibia, with spirits contributing 20%, whilst wine and locally brewed beverages account for 7% and 6%, respectively.

7. Burundi

Alcohol brands are primarily preferred in Burundi, constituting 81% of consumption, with local signature beverages like Urwarwa and Banana wine constituting 19%.

Top 10 AFRICAN Countries that consume the most Alcohol

8. South Africa

Most South Africans prefer beer, with Black Label and Castle Larger being the most popular.

9. Ghana

Beer constitutes 68%, whilst spirits and wines include 20% and 12 %, respectively.

10. Botswana

St Louis contributes to Botswana’s high alcohol consumption rate. Its very cheap and widely available across the country.

Personal Opinion

The African populous country, Nigeria deserves their position on the list. It best serves them.

But, I have problem with the country on the number 9 on the list. I personally think Ghana should have pushed up to somewhere number three or number four on list because the people booze a lot.

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