6 Rules To Be Happy In Life … Rule Number 4 Is Key

6 Rules To Be Happy In Life … Rule Number 4 Is Key

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1. Don’t worry/overthink.

Being worried or sad of trouble is a normal thing It is part of human nature to melancholic when you are facing difficulties.

But what are you going to benefit from worrying yourself the whole day? Think about how to reconcile the issue. you can friends those you trust if possible.

people die through depression. prolong your lifespan by living a free and peaceful life.

2. Never hate.

If you harbour malice in your heart, you can end of dying at a early stage of your life. Possibly the person you hate is not even thinking about you.

He/She is moving smoothly whiles your heart is mostly suffering so what you have to do is to let the sleeping dog lie.

3. Expect less

If you have vast expectations from sonebody you are always going to be disappointed by people, Expect little from people to avoid disappointment.

So what you have to do is to lower your expectations.

Set your goals with high expectations.

4. Live simple

social media is full of fake lifestyles to the extent of borrowing money or cloth to lavish lifestyle.

If you compare your self with such person you always live complicated and nerd lifestyle with lots of loans. When people are ahead of you in life that means their fanacial background is stong.

I willadvice you not to compare yourself with such people.

5. Always keep in touch with God!


God is the originator of all things in the universe including we human beings. When you keep in touch with God your problems will get solved.

God will descend and help you if you are always in touch with him.

Help will come from the right person always pray when you face adversity or predicament, pray without season. Don’t wait for the tribulation to come before you start seeking the face of God.

Always keep in touch with God.

6. Always put a smile on your face!

You think is a easy thing to smile when in actual fact you are wailing inside of you? Obviously no! A smile will radiate yourself.

Just smile even if you are going through something unpleasant or angry. When you do so people will always associate their self with you.

This is where you will meet people with great plans or ideas. When you put up a smiling face. you will sack good people from your life. i advice you to stay happy to attract good people to you. Smile always!

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