“If I die that’s all” – Embattled police Inspector threatens suicide | Leaked Tape

“If I die that’s all” – Embattled police Inspector threatens suicide | Leaked Tape

SAD news as UCC Level 300 student found dead in her hostel

A leaked audio has purportedly emerged being a telephone conversation between the embattled Police Inspector currently on the run and another lady in which the former confessed to shooting Maa Adwoa, the deceased at Adum Dufie Towers in Kumasi.

In the said audio which has since gone viral on social media after being discussed on Kumasi-based Kessben FM, the lady at the other end of the telephone conversation is heard panting and asking if the lady had died.

The suspect referred to as Mr. Darko is heard asking for his Gotta Phone and wondering if he left it where she and the lady (unknown) met.

“Mr. Darko, where are you going? Is the lady dead? So you shot the girl? Was she hit by the bullet?” she asked.

But in response, the suspect (Mr. Darko) said “I leave you with God. If you don’t see me again, I am gone bye. If I kill myself I am gone. A lady you love me, look at the way I treat you but you keep bluffing yourself on me? What have I done against you? Keep your mouth shut because you have not heard anything”, he warned.

It would be recalled that Taacum” who shot his girlfriend in Adum Dufie Towers over infidelity was married and a key member of the Police Dispatch riders at the Manhyia Palace.

The angry boyfriend is said to have shot the lady five times near the Dufie Towers within the Central Business District of Kumasi Adum and was captured on CCTV footage

Some unconfirmed sources say he was considered a favorite Dispatch Rider at Manhyia Palace

The tragic incident occurred after the slain lady ended a romantic relationship with Taacum over complaints of cheating.

The enraged boyfriend shot the lady after she declined to be in a relationship with him after their love relationship hit the rocks.

According to sources, the pair had been in a great romantic relationship and all seemed to be going on smoothly until the buxom lady known as Maa Adwoa was accused of having taken other lovers – cheating. She vehemently denied the accusation by his boyfriend but he insisted and imposed restrictions on her movement and communication.

In retaliation, the lady asked for a breakup. Her jealous lover refused a breakup and warned that there will be dire consequences if she broke up with him.

The lady called his bluff and carried through her break-up plan. But this infuriated her boyfriend even further who tracked her down and shot her to death.

Listen to inspector Darko threatening suicide


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