How to make your perfume last longer when you wear it

How to make your perfume last longer when you wear it

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How to make your perfume last longer when you wear it

Wearing perfume begins with choosing the right fragrance. Do you know the right way to wear your perfume such that you and the people around you can enjoy its scent all day long? Here is how to make your perfume last longer when you wear it.

Fragrances don’t come with an instruction manual because most people believe it’s simple aim, press and ptsssss! but there’s more to it than that.

“Wearing perfume begins with choosing the right fragrance. You should also remember to always apply your perfume after taking a bath and before putting your clothes on,” image consultant Robert Burale said.

“It’s good to have your signature perfume that people can easily identify you with,” he added.

Burale further advises that one should seek to invest in a quality perfume and shun the cheap and often replica designer perfumes in refilling shops.

For a long-lasting fragrance that can last whole day, Burale recommends that you apply the perfume directly on the skin around pulse spots.

These include behind the ears, neck and on the wrists.

“Another best way is to spray perfume in front of you and then step into the perfume cloud,” he adds.

He, however, cautions against applying too much perfume as this may irritate people instead of attracting them.

“The wearer may not really smell it at close range, so we shouldn’t apply until we feel now this is enough. Your perfume should be smelt by the person you are talking to or next to.”

The image consultant further stated that perfumes, just like outfits, should be worn depending on the occasion.

He says one should put into consideration aspects like the mood they are in and the event they are attending when choosing a particular fragrance for the day.

Perfumes, he points out, can also be worn depending on the wearer’s personality.

“If you are loud in your dressing then you may also probably be loud in scent. Quiet people may also like it subtle,” he said.

Burale suggested that dinner dates should be accompanied by floral fragrances as they tend to have a comforting feeling.

Woody fragrances, he adds, are also perfect for a date because they are some of the most intriguing, evocative and beautiful scents for a feel-good occasion like a date.

For business meetings, go for a long-lasting fragrances; at work, less is more should be the thumb rule.

When going for a party, Burale says stinger and musk scents like spices and green pepper and a blend of floral, amber and mirth work best.

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