WASSCE results of “Bragging” UPSA lady hit online – F9 in chains

WASSCE results of “Bragging” UPSA lady hit online – F9 in chains

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The WASSCE results of the student seen in the viral video beating up small girls in the university’s hostel in Accra have been leaked.

She identifies as Queenstar and graduated from Pacesetters SHS in 2022 with grades that did not qualify her for admission to any of the universities.One of her female colleagues had heard that she slept with lecturers to get into university and keep her grades up.

A rumor triggered her emotions, causing her to lash out at the girl in a viral video in which she was seen beating her up.

Apart from the fact that Queenstar is a bodybuilder with a significant physical advantage over the other girls she bullies, it has been revealed that she was not a particularly bright student.

Her WASSCE results show massive failures in almost all subjects, with a couple of exceptions (F9).

According to reports, she received an F9 in mathematics, Christian religious studies, economics, and French. Her best grade in social studies was a C5.

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