2023 Green Ghana Day: Eastern Region To Plant 600,000 Trees

2023 Green Ghana Day: Eastern Region To Plant 600,000 Trees

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The Eastern regional Forestry Services Division is set to plant 600,000 trees in the degraded forests in the Eastern region on 9th June, 2023 as part of this year’s Green Ghana Project.

The project he said is to help restore the lost forest cover of Ghana and contribute to global efforts to mitigate climate change.

Mr. Emmanuel Owusu Nkwantabisa made the revelation in an exclusive interview with Afeema FM’s journalist Kaakyire Kwasi Afari in Koforidua on Tuesday, 21st March, 2023 following the celebration of International Day Of Forest, themed “Forest and Health”.

According to the deputy Regional manager, the International Day of Forests, also known as World Forests Day established by the United Nations is celebrated each year on March 21 to raise awareness about the importance of forests and trees for the survival of humanity and the planet.

He told Kaakyire Kwasi Afari that Forests are crucial for the ecosystem and our survival, adding that It regulates the climate, purifies air and water, and provides food, medicine, and other resources.

Thus, he has called on all Ghanaians in the region and Ghana at large to support the Forestry Commission and the government’s tree planting exercise.

Mr. Owusu Nkwantabisa bemoaned that the rate at which people invaded and degraded the forests, through illegal felling of trees, was seriously threatening the environment and vegetation, which could cause irreparable damage to health, he said

To this end, he, however, urged the public, especially those engaged in charcoal burning and timber logging to obtain a permit from the Forestry Commission for proper guidance in order to preserve the forest for the future.

Mr. Emmanuel Owusu Nkwantabisa revealed that the Forestry Services Division in the Eastern region through their regular surveillance have been arrested some illegal chainsaw operators sawing economic trees and are put before court.

For these reasons, he had seriously cautioned illegal chainsaw operators to desist from the act, warning that his men will come after them.

The deputy Eastern regional manager for the Forestry Services Division, Mr. Emmanuel Owusu Nkwantabisa has called for an immediate halt to the destruction of Ghana’s forest cover and the pollution of water bodies.

He said, collective efforts and shared responsibility from the general public is the way to go to sustain our forest for the future generations.

The deputy regional manager used the opportunity to called on security agencies, chiefs and elders, opinion and political leaders to support the Commission in its endeavour to maintain the forests and prosecute offenders.

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By Kaakyire Kwasi Afari@Afeema FM

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