Expert shares warning to everyone who wears sliders

Sliders are becoming more and more popular.

Expert shares warning to everyone who wears sliders

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Slider shoes have gained popularity on social media, but experts have shared a warning.

Sliders are perfect to slip on when you’re around the house or popping out quickly, but they do need to be cleaned.

Wearing shoes outside and around the home increases the risk of bringing germs into your house. Shoes like sliders and Crocs with grip on the sole of the shoe are particularly bad for this, as bits of dirt get stuck in grooves on the shoe.

But, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on wearing sliders both indoors and outdoors, you just need to establish a solid cleaning routine for them. Cleaning expert Nicola Rodriguez at Essex House Dolly has spoke about how hygienic the shoes are and how to clean them.

Slider shoes have gained immense popularity on social media, with fashion influencers frequently seen sporting comfortable and easy-to-wear footwear, a trend that has continued since the rise of casual everyday wear during the COVID-19 pandemic. Home comforts brand has been finding out how to keep them clean.

Nicola Rodriguez said: “To clean sliders, I personally fill a bowl with hot soapy water and use an abrasive such as a Scrubby Daddy to clean them with. Using a washing detergent, you are not putting chemicals onto them that could potentially cause damage especially if the sliders have a transfer logo on them.”

She also spoke about the trend of wearing indoor shoes outside. She said: “In the past few months, I have really noticed people wearing indoor shoes to go outside. A lot of women are now wearing UGG slippers and the 90s Crocs have also made a massive comeback.

“I think this trend has been inspired by Love Island, especially with the current series as all of the islanders are wearing either sliders or Crocs.”

The convenience of wearing such trendy footwear may make it easy to overlook the potential for picking up outdoor germs on a daily basis, making cleaning your shoes regularly even more important. Nicola added: “I personally do not allow outdoor shoes to be worn in my home for hygiene reasons and what you may have picked up while being outside.

“It has been scientifically proven that wearing outdoor shoes inside your home contributes to microbiological pathogens being found in your home. An extreme example of this is cancer-causing toxins from asphalt road residue.”

She said some shoes are worse than others at picking up dirt and spreading it around your home. She said: “Anything with grips on [is bad], as the dirt can get trapped in between and then be transferred by the bristles of your carpet.”

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