Some Ewe Names and Their Meanings – Check Out

Some Ewe Names and Their Meanings – Check Out

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The Ewe or Evè people live all over Ghana, but the Volta Region is where most of them live. Researchers say that there are also a lot of Ewe people in Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

Some Ewe Names And Their Meanings

Here are more than 50 Ewe names, along with their meanings and where they come from. It’s important to note that some Ewe names can be used for both men and women.

The Ewes believe in a Supreme Divine, which they call Mawu Sogbolisa, Mawu Kitikata, Mawu Adanuwotor, and so on.


Afefa means “house of peace”


Afeke means “house foundation.”


Afelete — Home in place


Afetsi — Home pillar


Agbe — Life


Agbeko — If only there were life


Agbemabiase — Life can’t question destiny


Agbemafle: You can’t buy life/life is worthless.


Agbenyefia — Life is King


Agbenyega — Life is the best


Agbenyo — Life is good


Agbesi — Life is in your hands


Akorfa means comfort or peace of mind.


Akorfala — Consoler/Comforter


Akpenamawu — Thank God


Akpene means “thank you.”


Amenyo — Human is good



Ametefe — Replacement (a son whose father died before his birth)


Amewu/Amewuga: People are worth more than money.


Asiwome means “in Thy hands.”


Aseye — Praises


Awoe — He (God) will do it


Blewu — Patient/Slow


Bubune — Honor unto Him (God)


Butsorme: Think about the future


Butsormekpor: Think of tomorrow and see what happens.


Dela — Saviour/Redeemer


Deladem: “The Lord has saved me.”


Delali—The Savior is alive


Delanya: The Savior knows.


Delasi means “in the hands of the Saviour”


Desiadenyo — All is good


Dodzi — Fortitude


Dogbeda — Pray


Domenyo — Kindness


Dzidedi — Comfort


Dzidudu — Dzidula


Dzidula — Conqueror


Dzidzeme — Peaceful heart


Dzidzor means happiness or joy.


Dzidzorm — Dzidzorm


Dziedzorm — Glad I am


Dzifa means comfort or peace of mind.


Dzigbordi — Patience


Dzordzoe — Righteous/Just


Dzorgbenyui — Good luck


Edem — He (God) has saved/delivered me


Edemi — He (God) has saved/delivered us


Edudzi means “He (God) has won.”


Edotom — God has paid attention to me.


Eotomi: God has heard us.


Edemi — He (God) has saved/delivered us


Edrorlali — Where the judge lives


Edinam — Am lucky


Edinami — We are lucky


Edzordzi — It makes happinness


Edzordzinam — I was happy about it


Edzordzinami — It made us happy



Edzordzinawo — They were happy about it.


Efakor and Efakornam mean, “He (God) has made me feel better.”



Egavakpor means “not sure if will stay”; it was born after babies were lost.


Ehenyuive means “bringer of joy” or “has brought joy.”


Ekplorm means, “He (God) guides me.”


Eleagbe: He (God) is still alive.


Eli: He lives (God)


Elinam: “He lives for me”


Elinami: (God) lives for us.


Elivava means, “He (God) really lives.”


Elikplim means that God is with me.


Elikplimi — He is with us (God).


Elike — Firmly rooted or well-established


Elikem: He (God) has set me up or strengthened me.


Elikemi: He (God) has set us up or strengthened us.


Elemawusi: It’s in God’s hands.


Elolo: God is great.


Etriakor: God is strong.


Elormi — He (God) loves us


Ena — God has given


Enam — God gives me


Enami: God gives us.


Enya: He knows (God)


Enyo — He is good (God)


Enyonam: (About God) He is good for me.


Ese — God listens


Esenam: He (God) has heard what I said.


Esene — He (God) listens


Eselali means, “The Listener (God) lives.”


Eselase (or Eselasi) means that God has heard it.


“Esinu” means “waiting on the Lord” (Him)


Etor — He (God) owns it; He has answered.


Etornam — God has answered me


Etornami: He (God) has spoken to us.


Etorna: (About God) He listens


Eyra — God blesses


Eyram: God has blessed me/I am blessed


Eyrami — God blesses us/We are blessed


Eyrae: God has blessed him or her.


Ewoe means “He (God) did it.”


Ewoenam means, “He (God) did it for me.”


Ewoenami means “He (God) did it for us.”


Fafa — Peace/Calmness


Fafali: There is peace or calm.


Fiavi — Prince/Princess


Foli — First son


There is time, Gameli.


Ganyo — Money is good


Galevo — Money is different


Ganyebusu: “Money is bad.”


Gayra — Bless again


Gayram — Again, bless me


Gayrami — Bless us again


Kafui — Praise Him (God)


Kekeli — Light/Brightness


Kekle — Light/Brightness


Kle — Shine/Brighten


Klenam — Shine for me


Klenami means “Shine on us.”


Kplom — Lead me


Shepherd or Leader: Kplorla


Lebenam – Look after me well.


Lebene — Look after him/her well.


Lorm: Love/Adore me


Lolor — Love


Lorne — Say yes to him or her


Mawuenyega — God is great


Mawufemor — God’s way


Mawuli — God lives


Mawuko means “Except God/Only God.”


Mawunyo — God is good


Mawusi: In the hands of God


Mawuli — God lives


Mawulorm means “God loves me.”


Mawuena: God is the one who gave.


Mawuenam: God gave me.


Mawunya means “God knows” or “God’s word.”


God is with me, or Mawulikplim.


Mawulikplimi means “God is with us.”


Mawuenyega: God is the most important


Mawuse: God listens


Mawulolo — God is great


Mawutor — It’s God’s.


Mawueyram: God gave me what I have.


Mawuworge — God will do it


Mawuwoe — God has done it


Makafui — I will praise Him (God)


Mazinkpi — I’ll be silent


Hope — Morkporkpor


Namilkem — Make or strengthen me


Nuna — Gift


Nunana — Gift/Talent


Nunya — Knowledge/Wisdom


Nunyati — Tree of Knowledge or Wisdom


Best/Perfect: Nyuitor


Se — Law, Fate, or Destiny


Sedem — Destiny/Fate has saved/delivered me


Sedemi — Destiny/Fate has saved/delivered us


Sedinam: Destiny or Fate has made me lucky.


Sedotom — Fate or Destiny has heard me


Sedufia — Fate or Destiny is crowned king


Sedudzi — Fate/destiny has won


Sefakor: Fate has given me comfort.


Sefadzi: Fate has brought me comfort.


Seli — Destiny/Fate lives


Selinam — I live by fate or destiny


Sena — Fate or Destiny gives or has given


Senyega — Fate is wonderful


Seyram: Fate has been good to me.


Seyrami: Fate has been good to us.


Selorm: Fate or Destiny loves me


Sesi/Seshi—In the hands of fate or destiny


Sese — Fate or Destiny hears


Senam — Destiny gives me/Destiny gives me


Senya — Destiny Knows


Selasie/Selase: The listener has heard/God has heard


Senyo — Fate or Destiny is good


Sedotom — Fate or Destiny has heard me


Setor – Belongs to fate/Fate has spoken


Suboe—Praise him


Sitso/Sitsofe means “Saved”


Give Him your heart — Tsodzine


Tsoeke — Forgive


Tsoekewo — Let them go.


Vadem — Come and save me


Vayram: Please bless me.


Vormawu — Fear God


Woedem — You (God) have saved me


Woelorm: You have loved me (God).


Worlasi — In the maker’s hands


Worlawoe — The Lord did it


Xoese — Believe


Faith — Xorse


Xornam — Save me


Yra — Bless


Yram — God bless me


Yrami — Bless us


Yayra means “blessing.”


Yingor — Excel


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