2023 School Placement: Out or Not Out?  Full Answers Here

2023 School Placement: Out or Not Out?  Full Answers Here

Seven 2023 BECE school placement FAQs Answered 2023 School placement:

What schools don’t tell parents & students about the school placement which you need to know. 2023 School Placement: Reasons why many 2022 BECE graduates will miss 1st and 2nd Choices have been explained in this educative article Government told to charge GH¢10,000 for Category A school placements SHS Placement for 2023: Projected placement date to watch: Check the projected school placements release date for BECE graduates School Placement update for 2021 BECE graduates | All you need to know 2021 School Selection, Computerized Placement Training Date Out

There have been endless agitation and increased anxiousness among 2022 BECE graduates and parents since the 2023 School placement checker cards were released some 24th hours ago.

This publication aims at answering the questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 2023 School placement out?

When will the 2023 School placement be released by the Ministry of Education?

Is the 2023 School placement out?

No, the school placement is not out. At the time of this publication, the portal for checking the school placement was still not accessible on the internet. That means that the placements have not been released officially.

When the placement is ready for access, the Ministry of Education is expected to make a public announcement

The portal will be accessible and students as well as parents and the general public will be able to check the placements.

However, the placement checker cards have been released by the MoE and that is a positive indication that we are near the release of the school placements.

When will the 2023 School placement be released by the Ministry of Education?

The MoE is yet to indicate the exact date and time that the 2023 School Placements for BECE graduates who sat for the WAEC administered exam will be released.

However, it is clear that SHS1 students will be going to school from 20th February 2023.

What this means is that MoE will release the placements before Monday 20th February.

Parents will be required to start processing their ward’s SHS enrolment in the various schools the candidates are placed in from 20th Feb. 2023.

Candidates who have acquired the placement checker cards are to keep them safe and wait until the placement is out before they check it.

We hope that this post on whether the 2023 School placement is out or not and the date for the release have been answered.

We wish all candidates the best of luck as the MoE gets ready to release the placements.


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