How I ‘slept’ with another man after I had an argument with my husband – Married woman tells

How I ‘slept’ with another man after I had an argument with my husband – Married woman tells

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A woman named Akua said why she cheated on her husband by sleeping with another man after they had an altercation. Before meeting her future husband, Atta, the woman worked as a housekeeper, she said. A man persuaded her to leave her job and marry him. After hearing his advice, she went back to her hometown with marriage plans in mind.

He ended up marrying her, moving in with her parents, and eventually taking custody of her stepson. The man’s family began to accuse Atta of abusing her stepson, whom she treated like her own child and for whom she did everything she could.

The man and his sister began abusing her after she gave birth, ostensibly because her stepson was too thin. After that, she informed her husband that she was no longer interested in residing in the location.


Atta complied and found them a new place to stay in Buoho, but his siblings pressured him into beating her if she ever argues with him again. Her spouse took the advise to heart and started abusing her. Gloria claims that every time they argued, the man would smack her around with a belt.

The two had a disagreement one day, and she felt awful about the way Atta had been beating her, so she went to see her male friend, only to wind up sleeping with him while she was still married to Atta.

Gloria continued that upon returning home she immediately felt guilty and apologized to her husband. Unfortunately, a month later she became pregnant, but her husband insisted that it was not his fault. The mother-to-be claimed that she was self-sufficient up until the birth of her child, but Atta did not want her to feel at ease in her own home.

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