Man shoots girlfriend to death for infecting him with HIV(VIDEO

Man shoots girlfriend to death for infecting him with HIV(VIDEO)

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From the look of things, it seems there is no love on this planet. These days, everyone is basically friends with benefits; if one person loses their temper, anything may happen.

There’s a tale going around that’s getting a lot of attention on social media right now, particularly in WhatsApp status updates.

There’s a video accompanying this tale of a guy who kills his HIV-positive girlfriend with a gun.

The love birds had dated for seven years before she was murdered, and they were set to be married soon.

Three years ago, the woman went out partying with her friends while her lover (the Man) stayed in bed, as he had previously instructed her.

In the club, she connected with an old acquaintance. She became really intoxicated after chatting and partying for many hours.

One of the men she’d met at the club drove her to his vehicle, where they engaged in sexual activity.

The next day, the woman told her closest friend about what had happened.

The woman, the narrative goes, developed sores in the vicinity of her genital region a few months after she had engaged in sexual activity.

She sought medical attention after becoming alarmed by the changes in her body and was informed that she is HIV positive.

She told her best friend once again, but her best friend was unable to maintain the secret and told the woman’s 7-year lover.

Given that he has also been having sex with her, the best friend urged her buddy’s partner to be tested for HIV. It came as a shock to him when he turned out to be HIV positive.

Angered by the news, the boyfriend questioned the girfriend (woman) about her health. She disputed it at first, but after further prodding, she admitted the truth.

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The male in the relationship had his own agenda. He returned to the woman’s home thereafter and shot her repeatedly till she died.


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