Joseph, 50, turns his 14-year-old daughter into a S€x machine

50-year-old man arrested for turning 14-year-old daughter into s€x machine

Joseph, 50, turns his 14-year-old daughter into a S€x machine

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A 50 year old Joseph Olukoyade has been arrested by the police for turning his 14-year-old daughter into a s€x machine.

The 50 year-old man, Joseph Olukoyade, according to the report did not only sleeps with the daughter but also beats and s€xually harass her.

The report suggests he has def!led the daughter on several occasions.

The victim(14-year-old daughter) reported to the police that the father drugged her before def!ling her.

The man denied sedating her and said it was his first time ever but his daughter confirmed otherwise to the police on October 6th, 2022, he was arrested at his residence at akinbo phase 2, and the so-safe corps spokesman spoke to the press.

“During preliminary investigation, the suspect confessed to the crime, and pleaded for mercy after realising that there is nowhere to hide a secret deals with his innocent daughter” Moruf Yusuf, so-safe corps spokesman said.It was gathered that the victim accused her father of sleeping with her after sedating her with drugs.”

“I only use to notice a white discharges from my pr!vate part.” Yusuf quoted the little girl.

However, the suspect had denied sedating his daughter before sleeping with her, saying it was his first time of having sex with her.

Yusuf said the suspect and the victim had been transferred to the Ajuwon Police Division for further investigations.


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