Interesting: The Tribe That Removes Dead From Their Coffins Every 3 Years To Bath And Redress Them(VIDEO)

Interesting: The Tribe That Removes Dead From Their Coffins Every 3 Years To Bath And Redress Them(VIDEO)

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Culture is one of the foundations of humanity that helps a society thrive. Culture varies from one part of the world to another and from one society to another.

With culture, it is a case of one man’s meal being another man’s poison. Simply put it that what applies to one society will probably be absurd or a taboo to another.

Thus the Ma’nene practice by the Toraja people of Indonesia done every 3 years in honour of the dead.

The Tana Toraja (Land of Toraja) is habited by an Indigenous ethnic group residing on the mountains of Salawesi in Indonesia.

The Toraja people are quite distinct for their traditional culture of cleaning corpses called Ma’nene festival (the ceremony of cleaning corpses).

This culture entails that the Toraja people dig up the body of a dead relative and then clean them, leave the body to dry, then the bodies are nicely dressed.

This culture goes on with family members who are saving up money for a decent burial ceremony for their loved ones.

In other cases, the bodies of recently deceased are kept at homes and preserved by family members pending when they are financially equipped to perform a proper funeral.

The Torajans believe that during the wait period, the spirit lingers and only finds rest in Puya (land of the spirits) when a funeral ceremony takes place.

This might seem hard to take in but the age old practice of over hundreds of years is believed to have come from the mythical tale of a hunter named Pong Rumasek, who was walking in the mountains and found a dead body in the Torojan mountains.

The hunter then cares for the body and dresses it with his own clothes, this act supposedly brought him good fortunes.

And that is how the practices have lived on, however, the intention behind the strange practice is to bond with the dead.

This Manene tradition may seem like doing the weekend cleanup, but this time it is for the dead.

As much as the corpses are dressed up, the coffins are changed and in the ritual, the bodies are paraded round the community where they once lived following a straight path.

The straight path symbolically means that they can spiritually connect to Hyang: a spiritual being believed to move in straight lines.

Even though the practice is as odd as it may seem, it is only a more extended version of death memorials that many societies practice.

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