Men, if you want to live long, never marry these 10 types of women

Men, if you want to live long, never marry these 10 types of women

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While we can probably all agree that no one is perfect, a man deciding to partner up with a woman who isn’t perfect could be setting himself up for a lot of trouble.

We provide a list of the top ten types of women a man should consider while forming a romantic relationship.

Do you know that woman who always seems upset with the males in her family? Maybe her heart has been crushed more than once, yet this woman never stops beating them up and wondering why men are so terrible and pointless. It’s unlikely that a man would like to settle down with someone so unpleasant since she’s certain to chastise and rare, sarcastic comments his direction whenever the doorway occurs due to her ambiguous loathing.

2 The Clueless Girl:

If you’re looking for a peaceful household and a helper who values your happiness as much as she does, you should steer clear of the extremist woman. A lady who is determined to always be the one to initiate relationships wouldn’t have the option to build a joyful and meaningful home with you.

The Woman Who Wants It All:

A lady who places a high value on material possessions is not a good life partner. If she puts the pursuit of financial goods ahead of love of one’s family, the security of one’s faith, and the satisfaction of one’s spiritual needs, she is not the ideal companion.

4. The Alluring Lady:

Is it fair to suggest that you can’t help but be attracted to that one woman who always appears to be playing with somebody? She flits from one man to the next with the ease of a butterfly, and she gives every man the impression that she’s crazy about him. Think twice before you start hearing rumors that your soul mate has been having innocuous talks with all the males in the area, because an affinity like that could be hard to break after marriage.

As for number five, the hedonist:

Every social event she is invited to, she attends. She’s a consummate social event kid who always looks their best in the most ostentatious outfits. A simple hello won’t bother her, and she’ll gladly participate in the accompanying massive collecting. A woman like her probably won’t be the kind to get married and have kids.

The Pampered Brat, No. 6:

A woman who has never had to earn anything in her life is not likely to be a good partner because she lacks the perspective and character traits that make a guy desirable. Even if you may be eager to provide her with the same kind of upbringing she had, however, marriage brings children, and children need atonement. It’s inexplicable that she would suddenly start expecting to work or give things up if she’s never done so before.

7. The Center of Attention:

While a few ladies enjoy thinking on a regular basis, when it becomes an obsession, it becomes anything but a good idea. In an ideal world, he would always be full of vitality for his soul mate, but since that’s impossible, his fair spouse deserves to benefit from the fact that he has a wonderful friend.

Apparently, she doesn’t seem to spend too much time worrying about her personal affairs, according to the rumors. Is it fair to argue that what she does depends on what other people do or how they go about living? By that time, you won’t need to waste your time on a woman like her. A man wants a partner who is willing to settle down with him, which means she must adjust her goals and priorities accordingly. You are fighting an uphill battle if she is consistently discovered to dislike other people’s business.

The Commitment Phobe, No. 9

If a woman is having trouble focusing on anything in her life (her education, her career, her family, her friendships, etc.), she won’t be able to focus on a marriage either. If she loses interest in the marriage quickly and is always searching for anything else to do, you should consider getting her some challenging life experiences so that she is more invested in the union.

The Disrespectful Woman, No. 10:

She should be considered unmarryable if she consistently displays unpleasant and impolite behavior (regardless of whether it is directed at those she treats fairly or those who don’t fit her guidelines). Respect for others is clearly not something that should be messed with because it is such a significant attribute in the people we select to spend the rest of our lives with.

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