Check out these 3 spiritual benefits of cassava leaves, it works like magic, here is how to use it

Check out these 3 spiritual benefits of cassava leaves, it works like magic, here is how to use it

Cassava leaves include a few spiritual benefits of which most people are unaware. I’m here to inform you of some of the spiritual advantages that cassava leaves have. 1. Travel and delays with feces and urine:

People are unaware that cassava leaves can be used to stop urine and manure from constantly streaming, especially while traveling. The proper method is as follows:

a. Remove seven leaves.

b. Gently rub the leaves in your palm until they are close and smooth.

Bind a piece of material with the creamy form of the stolen leaves in it, and tie it around your waist like beads.This will postpone passing urine and feces until they are removed from the abdomen.

Is your child wetting the bed? Stop worrying about these counterfeit orthodox medications and try using cassava leaves instead.

a. Simply wrap three of the cassava leaves around the bedwetter’s middle after separating them.

b. For three days, the bedwetter should sleep with the leaves wrapped around their abdomen. Additionally, you won’t notice the aforementioned person’s wet bed any longer.

Injury prevention from gunshots:
Cassava leaves are a very effective kind of gunshot insurance. You will learn how to use cassava leaves as cover from gunfire from these interactions.

With your right hand, pry seven cassava leaves apart.

Create holes in the leaves, obtain a thread, fix the thread in the leaves, and wrap your right arm closer to the shoulder with the thread.

You won’t be harmed by the bullet no matter how you are shot, since the leaves offer spiritual defense against gunshot wounds.

Have you ever noticed that chiefs riding in palanquins wear leaves around their arms? The reason is that, as you may know, in some circumstances they have enemies, and thus they are protecting themselves from any shooting wounds.

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