7 Things You Should Never Do After Eating

7 Things You Should Never Do After Eating

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If you really think eating healthy is the only thing that keeps your body fit and energetic, then you are highly mistaken. People need to pay attention to certain things. If we commit certain mistakes after having our meal whether it happens often or regularly then you need to stop it. As it is harming your body in profound manner.

There are few people who go for walk just after their meal with a thought that the food will digest. But, let the truth be out that it is a myth. Our pre- meal and post- meal activities majorly affect our body behavior. Also, going off bed immediately just after intake of food is a bad idea. Because many digestive juices go in the opposite direction and the entire digestive is affected badly according to health line.

In this article, we will discuss 7 things that we should avoid after taking our meal according article written by health line.

1.Avoid The Intake Of Tea Or Coffee:

Some people like to drink tea in the night because they love it or need to work at night or they think it will be more productive at night. Tea affects our digestion as it is acidic in nature. But if taken just after the meal it will make your digestion very slow which can cause bloating.

2.Do Not Take Shower:

The idea of taking hot shower may seem tempting. But always stay away as it increases the blood flow to the hands or legs and decreases the flow to the abdomen. It also drops the body’s temperature.

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3.No Fast Walking Is Allowed:

Going for walk just after eating can affect the digestive system. In other words, it destroys the nutritional value of the meal. The best time will be to take a walk an hour after eating.

4.No Sleep Till Food Digestion:

Just after having a meal, going to bed directly may create bloating and discomfort. People who wait for a long period of time to go to bed after having meal had less risk of experiencing a stroke.

5.No Smoking:

Don’t you ever think of smoking after the meal! Smoking is bad for health and doing it just after a meal , it becomes a killer. It contains at least sixty carcinogens. Smoking is the most damaging thing you can do your body and especially to your lungs. Cigarettes can cause cancer.

6.Avoid To Wear Tight Clothes:

After a heavy breakfast or lunch or snack time your stomach is already read to digest the meal you just ate. But if you need to go somewhere and wear tight fitting clothes immediately then the load on your stomach will increase. Which will result in heartburn and makes uncomfortable feeling of burning around your chest. Try to wear loose and comfortable clothes. But not too loose as well.

7.Do Not Drive :

After eating, the blood flows into the digestive tract while the brain gets smaller amount thus it affects the ability to concentrate. Driving need focus and the inability can be dangerous. So do not immediately hit the road just after you have eaten. Wait for at least 30 minutes to 1hour.

People are concerned about their health as it cannot be buyer from anywhere. Eating healthy food and watching your calories intake is not enough. While we heard about the benefits of walking, post a meal to help you work up your digestive system and also in staying active.

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